America’s Door Problem & What Foreigners Think About the USA’s Mass Shootings | The Daily Show

Published on June 2, 2022

How do we stop mass shootings in America? The answer is simple: fewer doors. Michael Kosta talks to foreigners about the real threat. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Callie Myers Buchanan 10 months ago

    Their whole thing is against tyrannical control and wanting more freedom, yet they are proposing that every public space (schools, churches, hospitals, malls, restaurants,etc) have one point of entry with a few armed guards and a pat down to be allowed in! Sounds like a “lock-down” state to me and the exact opposite of freedom! They honestly believe if every american were handed a gun and a bible, the world would be a better place ❤️

  • Dr.Magnus Nyhus Urgent Care Bar and Grill 10 months ago

    If there was only one door at the capital it would be a whole lot easier to keep Republicans out.

  • Jonas D 10 months ago

    Wonder what the fire departments would think of the one door in one door out policy 🤔

    Even a fox has 2 ways in and out 🤣

  • lgarcia67 10 months ago

    It’s our fault. All of us! Columbine happened 23 years ago. Since then we have had hundreds of school, malls, work, you name it mass shootings. The only constant has been the politicians we elect. Both Republicans and Democrats (yes, I’m sure guns has been a negotiating point many times). They are either the same or with the same ideology and line of thinking; and in the case of Republicans all “married” to the NRA. And yet we want a different answer than that. Vote them out! We have the power, so vote them out if you want something different.

  • Gregory Winchester 10 months ago

    Doors! That’s the answer! You would think the Republican party hear themselves talk! The absolute foolish of these people! ! How they can say doors will solve the problem with a straight face! It tells me they need to be voted out! Next will be broad up the windows!

  • Erich Random Stranger12 10 months ago

    Wait what about windows. We should also only have one window or even better none at all.

  • xl 10 months ago

    With security doors everywhere inside schools, the shooter will shoot random people first, then barricade himself with or without hostages in one one those secured room.

  • george pereira 10 months ago

    For a moment I thought you could deter shooters if the penalty for shooting is the death sentence but then shooters are not interested in living. They don’t expect to come out alive.

  • B D 10 months ago

    Americans wants to stop people with guns in Middle East but they can’t stop them in their own country.

  • Risuna Mashaba 10 months ago

    “Let’s forget about the guns
    Let’s have schools have just one door, just the single door
    And if kids die because they couldn’t leave the building in an emergency because again, just one door,
    Then we’ll deal with that later in a manner that also doesn’t resolve the main issue”

    That’s what they’re saying basically

  • The Shark Guy 10 months ago

    oh man, fox & trump.. Make America Doom Again

  • Andrew L 10 months ago

    Doorsdoorsdoors… THE Doors… Doora the Explora… Finding Doory… Doorlores Clayborn… Doorchester… Doorothy and the Wizard of Oz… It’s all a hoax. Look behind the cloth-door…

  • D.E. 10 months ago

    My apartment, built around 1980 looks ingenious now because it has only one door. My previous apartment has two doors. I shudder to think about how much danger I was in.

  • Tom Schallschauer 10 months ago

    friendly foreigner here. the solution is so obvious: your kids need guns too!

  • Jr R 10 months ago

    No door will stop a AR-15 if a shooter really wants in.

  • Emm K 10 months ago

    I believe 70% of the adult American population don’t even own guns. Its 30% owning all of them. 30% are deciding the fate of America.

  • djambu 10 months ago

    American right to bear arms was created in the 18th century, for the people to organise a regulated militia, to fight oppressive tyrants. Not shoot at peaceful civilians. How hard is it to understand?

  • King Koopah 10 months ago

    america WANTS mass shootings

  • Justice For All 10 months ago

    An AR15 can go through a cinder block. How is a locked door going to stop that? According to the Fascist party children should go to school under armed guard. I gifted my ex with my shotgun so she’d have something for home defense. When I went to replace it I discovered I could not get another shotgun suitable for home defense. And if I did find one you couldn’t buy ammo for it. There were, however, lots and lots of AR15s for sale. You have to ask yourself why that is?

  • Jackie Cooper 10 months ago

    It’s not a doors prob. It’s an architectural prob. Make churches & schools like *castles* 🏰


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