America’s “All-Time Favorite President” Donald Trump Has White Hair Now

Published on November 17, 2020

Day 14 of #Squattergate is upon us, Trump is still whining in the West Wing, his hair has miraculously gone totally white since he lost, Rudy Giuliani is in charge of Trump’s legal fate and wants $20,000 dollars a day for his services, Georgia is finishing up their recounts, and Lindsey Graham is reportedly pressuring officials to throw out ballots, Sarah Palin is back on the scene talking about President Barack Obama, Jimmy recaps tonight’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” and he reveals People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2020!

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  • Lavelle Klobes 2 years ago

    Yeah he needs a orange jumpsuit !!!!! LOCK HIM UP!!!!

  • Reality Shmoo 2 years ago

    Obama aged in his presidency and Trump aged after it and when he was golfing. Makes u wonder what he did in the white house🤔

  • Mary Owens 2 years ago

    Ashley was a setup wasn’t she? lol

  • justagirlsd 007 2 years ago

    The carpet now matches the supremacy. 😬 why is Harris fist bumping the ahole who is currently trying to undermine the election and our democracy? It’s all theater for us.

  • Raymond Ha 2 years ago

    “It’s almost like Lindsey Graham is an unscrupulous opportunist who blows whichever way the wind goes..”

    He certainly does blow.

  • Christiano K 2 years ago

    This planet can only survive if the trumps, the GOP and all their supporters are fired on a rocket into the sun

  • Stephanie Adams 2 years ago

    Ohmygod. When is Palin going to go away… permanently? What an airhead.

  • golden Warrior 2 years ago

    Mexico just announced they will pay for wall for trumps prison

  • J. Skellington 2 years ago

    Sexiest man alive, ouch he is so gorgeous it’s painful! 😚

  • Meli Rocha 2 years ago

    Sounds like CORPSE lol

  • Stop my ego. 2 years ago

    That game at the end was actually pretty fun.

  • Jolly Clan 2 years ago

    Dear Donald Trump
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The country is moving on
    Why the hell cant you?

  • philip shim 2 years ago

    He’s orange his hairs white perfect combo

  • Eva Michelle 2 years ago

    Lindsey is projecting what he did in SC in order to win!

  • Sim Being Guan 2 years ago

    His hair has been white all along. Mine would too, given the stress of business failures, lawsuits from hooked and mounting debts. He dyed his hair.

  • YUG STUDIOS 2 years ago

    Matt Damon will come in the show again ?

  • Joan Christopher Rodriguez 2 years ago

    FACT: TRUMP is the anti-Christ.
    Read the Bible. He is a false prophet. The end of times might be near.

  • Kevin Monroy 2 years ago

    Low-key, I’d smash on Palin 🤤🤣

  • Penny Langhorn 2 years ago

    Good bye yellow haired toad hahahahahaga

  • Justin Flickner 2 years ago

    I thought this was going to be another cover to get Matt Damon on the show.


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