Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published on November 27, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, November 26.

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  • Sam Samantha 2 months ago

    Happy Thanks Giving Seth and the late night staff!! So good to see you guys today! Thank you 😊

  • Worf 2 months ago

    I stayed home and ate some gagh with my wife.

  • TheLastHylianTitan 2 months ago

    My favorite parts about Seth’s segments are the derpy laughs from the crew in the background when one of his jokes hits them right in the funny bone. Something about them just warms my heart in a way the laughter from a studio audience couldn’t do.

  • Katie Luebcke 2 months ago

    Skyped with my parents and an aunt while staying home with my cat–I’d rather have been eating home-cooked Korean food like last year, but public health matters and things change–whilst most of my mother’s family smushed themselves into one house, definitely one and probably three post-COVID recovery. Let’s see how this plays out…DID YOU LEARN NOTHING?

  • scott mcfadyen 2 months ago

    I am thankful that the smart people aren’t all dead yet.

  • ꧁TigerDragon꧂ 2 months ago

    *Meanwhile:* Rump supporters have become everything they made fun of for the last four years. Regardless, Happy thanksgiving everyone! 🙂

  • darin earwicker 2 months ago

    Of course here in Australia it’s happy thank god we don’t live in America day.

  • calamaresfrito 2 months ago

    260,000 covid deaths and rising thanks to Trump.

  • Kowasi 2 months ago

    Reasons to be thankful in 2020… still being alive, surely.

  • Salom Fernandez 2 months ago

    Too bad it was canceled.😥😭😢😿

  • Sam Lanena 2 months ago

    I was about to ask “who needs to be reminded so often what a monologue is”, then I remembered Americans can’t tell the difference between good and bad guys with guns, can’t wear masks to limit the spread of a virus that’s on track to kill 300 thousand of your own by new year, or grasp the metric system. Did he make it great in his four years, folks? Is that what greatness looks like?

  • RedMoonDesign Beth 2 months ago

    Spent my Thanksgiving with Navajo roommate who was was kidnapped by Mormons as a baby and who watches British TV. Too surreal for me to deal with. 🦃😎🥳

  • Dalfi Fran 2 months ago

    *_”Thanksgiving, the day we celebrate some house guest who showed up unannounced and stayed for 400 years.”_*
    _–Seth Meyers_

    Well played sir, well played. I guess that’s why for many Native Americans it’s “A National Day Of Mourning”.

  • Scott Hughes 2 months ago

    I keep saying this but Seth has been killing the COVID shows. I didn’t care before but have become a huge fan since.

  • MrRandom 37 2 months ago

    61% of Americans…Do we really need to show you how people die or the suffering they go through strapped to a ventilator so you and your family don’t end up in bodybags

  • Greg M 2 months ago

    I’m thankful that i have enough in my savings to pay for one more months rent. And I’m hopeful that I’ll find a job before my savings run out.

    It’s 24° F here in Utah, I pray for those without shelter.

  • Colleen S 2 months ago

    I live in Maine the only reason Collins was elected was the smear campaign she ran

    In typical Republican fashion she called her competition a pedophile supporter that seems to be what they do this year

    In the month before the election I received probably well over 50 flyers in the mail explaining to me how Sara Gideon supported pedophiles

    And unfortunately people believe what they read so all of these awful Flyers that they sent did their job she bought the election plain and simple through a hate campaign

  • Shawn Strode 2 months ago

    I must admit the image of you in a suit looks so much better than how you dress now.

  • Kelly Kerr 2 months ago

    I’m thankful that all of our hard work is getting us a new president.


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