Americans Can’t Lose Hope Around Gun Control – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on August 30, 2023

Why does America’s optimism fly out the window during conversations about gun control? Trevor Noah unpacks America’s apathy around gun regulation and urges people to not lose hope in this #BetweentheScenes. #TDSThrowback #DailyShow



  • Lisa Bryant 6 months ago


  • Meh Pluribus Unum 6 months ago

    In 2010, the DC v Heller decision completely unleashed the caliber-worship cult.

    With that ruling — by a Republican Supreme Court majority — it was Congress who was supposed to go back revise the gun laws and enforce the “well regulated” portion of the 2nd Amendment.

    Since that day, the Republican party has abused the 60-vote threshold of breaking a filibuster in the Senate to *block 99.99% of firearm and public safety legislation regarding firearms or “red flag” laws*.

  • Jennie Kreiner 6 months ago

    I have always felt i have a better chance of running from a knife than a gun.

  • Donald Engel 6 months ago

    They could slash the “Gun Violence” numbers by more than half with one simple thing if they wanted too. All it would take is for them to stop counting “suicides” as “Gun Violence”. If someone hangs themselves it’s not “Rope Violence”, if they jump off a bridge it’s not “Gravity Violence”… why is it “Gun Violence” if they use a gun? Because they need that “Gun Violence” number to be as high as possible to scare people into believing we have a problem we don’t. We have a “Suicide Problem”, combined with socioeconomic problems in the cities that cause gang, and drug related shootings…

  • Carlin’s Cosmic Soup Kitchen 6 months ago

    Why did MLK jr bother. .. ❤ Trevor and how he thinks and speaks.

  • Toastandtoaster 6 months ago

    “Try again and try again and try again and one day you succeed or die of old age”……Unfortunately, this is the story of Bernie Sanders on trying to be president, to be the one who would have changed things.

  • Neggyly de Jesus 6 months ago

    Thanks for a wise input on the matter. It is call common sense. But when our government has been sold to big corporations, pharma, or wall street then common sense goes on vacation with money paid by these entities lobbyists. Our government aka politicians are no longer work for people, they don’t even bother anymore to hide it. They’ve become divisive, media outlets speakers and tantrum ego hurt disingenuous money grab puppets of the time we live in. And I don’t blame many of them because the people who voted them in and support them are happy with that kind of performance… So we got what we voted for and its well deserved!!

  • Stephanie Brizard 6 months ago

    The politicians like the gun lobby money, they don’t care about people. Other countries have effectively banned guns and there is no gun violence, Americans just refuse.

  • Roman Borris 6 months ago

    And yet it’s really really hard for others to understand this simple and yet incredibly important logical reasoning… we have too many brainwashed dunces in the country.

  • Steve Puskaric 6 months ago

    Non gun owners never understand why gun owners have guns. They can’t even understand why criminals have guns.
    Gun owners have guns for protection, sport or competition. Criminals have guns for evil. The difference isn’t the gun, it’s the owner.
    Mental health has to be addressed first. Then criminals must be held accountable to the point that they never, ever want to use a firearm in the commission of a crime. Because the penalty is life sentences or death penalty.

  • V. Lee Walker 6 months ago

    Ban guns! Save the books 📚!

  • colonel radec 6 months ago

    I dont know that would solve anything but definitely should be trying something. I also think its important to not get political about this. I know its a debate spot but like this effects everybody negatively and is sad.

    Gotta look for solutions that will fly. Sure taking everybodys yea.. might help but thats not gonna happen.

    Gotta find compromise solutions to try i think.

  • Tony 6 months ago

    Nothing like stripping law abiding citizens the right of defending themselves from thugs

  • Joseph Kawa 6 months ago

    I disagree with Trevor. I have met few gun owners that want any new gun laws, sure they might say they do publicly, but behind closed doors they want machine guns and grenade launchers to be legal.

  • THELOCKDOWN89 6 months ago

    Umm I thought he left the daily show?

  • 🦧Ape Like Thinking🦧 6 months ago

    It’s not though. The problem is and always will be that Democrats refuse to fix what actually causes violent crime and in their ignorance they want to ban “assault weapons” that are rarely used in ANY shooting. Nothing will change until uneducated anti gunners stop lying.

  • VIMAL KUMAR 6 months ago

    Is he back?? I don’t understand

  • Barry Dailey 6 months ago

    To take out guns makes us susceptible to criminals and a tyrannical government! I love Trevor but he needs a reality check like many “Americans” get the numbers first before you spew this BS!

  • jeffery_2 6 months ago

    watched a pragerU video abt guns just before seeing this and i gotta say we need more people like Trevor coz theres some dumb people out there😂


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