American Ninja Warrior: Democracy Edition | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 23, 2020

In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher argues that Republican voter suppression tactics have turned our election system into an obstacle course.

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  • R. B. 3 years ago

    Article on NPR said that republicans are leading in early voting.
    Please Vote Biden and Democrats
    to restore our democracy.

  • Jones Jack 3 years ago

    God notice how no one is laughing because this crap isn’t funny anymore. They are sitting in the audience crying because they know its true.

  • Dean F. 3 years ago

    The Republican party is a cancer on the body politic. Like all cancers, it needs to be cut away and discarded so something healthy can replace it.

  • toriless 3 years ago

    2.4 million at even 1 per second 24 hours a day would take a month. Even of it only take 3 seconds to vote it will take three months in line.

  • Mustafa Yusuf 3 years ago

    It is official. America is a third world banana republic. That is gross.

  • toriless 3 years ago


  • Jack Shroff 3 years ago

    You’re saying the Corporate Democrats did not suppress the Progressive vote in Carolyn Maloney’s district.

    Or maybe you’re saying voter suppression is not as bad as Obama cutting deals with all the corporate Dems to drop out ahead of the South Carolina primary.

    Your corporate masters have been cheating Progressives for years. They have lost the right to cry about voter suppression. Might is Right and the weak will perish. You can cry about voter suppression and cheating. YOU do it to the people who are weaker than YOU. Too bad, YOU aren’t stronger than the Proud Boys or the Militias, when they show up as poll watchers in November. Too bad YOU aren’t strong enough to stop the swing states with red legislatures from sending electors who will vote for Trump instead of whoever the voters chose. Karma’s a bitch !!!

  • souris verte 3 years ago

    republicans rig the election against minorities. Democrats rig the election by cheating the majority from getting a progressive leader

  • Minister Elana H 3 years ago

    The @GOP’s #Obsolete #ElectoralCollege should be removed!!!

  • Eamonn Morris 3 years ago

    Hey Democrats .. here’s an idea! .. How about developing a voter suppression pushback strategy? I know there hasn’t been a lot of time, and really .. who knew? … but now that it’s a THING … why not get busy eh?

  • Drew Fuller 3 years ago

    I live in Harris County, specifically in Houston, specifically in a largely black neighborhood (4th Ward). I can’t speak to the mail-in ballot drop box situation, but in-person voting was easy. I voted last Saturday. The line was less than 1 minute. The line was “social distanced”, the staff were behind screens, and they even gave you little finger covers for when using the machines. Just get out of your car and vote in person! Who (beyond disabled people and the immune-deficient) is waiting for hours for the drop box when you can walk right in? Bill has been talking for months about how ridiculous people have been behaving since COVID, and I think this applies. If the election is important to people, they can get out of their cars and interact with humanity for a few minutes.

  • Adjunct Prof Colleen B Kelly - Retired 3 years ago

    How is this “democracy”?
    Jefferson County Ky 1 polling place
    Gold Coast Australia 138 polling places (same population)

  • Grok Effer 3 years ago

    Republicans have been known to distribute “Walking Around Money”, too, to further suppress the Democratic process. Take a packet of cash to some leader in the community in order to compel people to stay home on election day, or to even vote for their own oppressors. Disgusting.

  • quest 77051 3 years ago


  • Rust in Peace 3 years ago

    Americans put up with a lot of crap.

  • Joey Pethan 3 years ago

    Don’t say it’s just a republican problem, Bill. If it was, Bernie would be the nominee.

  • Yotn Pez 3 years ago

    The Bolivian ninja warriors for democracy first went into a general strike demanding the relief package and after uniting in a Front went into an election making the popular vote prevail.
    No electoral college bandits there.


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