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Published on June 8, 2020

Following the killing of George Floyd, protests against police brutality have broken out in all 50 states. In response, Los Angeles and New York City have announced plans to reallocate police money to the community, while Minneapolis considers disbanding its police force entirely. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BlackLivesMatter

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  • Damir Hajrulahovic 11 months ago

    Just watch this stop being brainwashed

  • The Quiet Revolution 11 months ago

    I’m just glad that *Dr. Claud Anderson* lived to see this day.  He’s spoken out about systematic racism since the 60’s.

  • Artem the Train 11 months ago

    What is the evidence that anything you are saying works?

  • אלון אנג'ל Allen Angel 11 months ago

    I will just say this is the power of being united together for the purpose.
    if we stand together we can make a lot of Adele place if we stand together we can make everything happen.
    I’m so happy 😊.
    it’s not just black people everyone will get a fair chance everyone will have a better chance everyone will be treated as equals.
    And the world equals is so important in this world

  • UniversalEcho 11 months ago

    Candice Owens says no other community like the back community glorifies the worst of themselves. But there are HUNDREDS of confederate war monuments and racist figures glorified all over the U.S. I mean look at our president.

  • Think about it 11 months ago

    Trevor, Kpop BTS puts their money where their mouth is, and without asking their fandom world wide is matching already surpassing the donation

  • Walter Acevedo 11 months ago

    Once the police are defunded, authority will come down to civil protection or private, multi-million companies.

  • Vivek 11 months ago

    Knees regularly choke the minorities in Kashmir also .. we need to fight the corrupt militarism in the usa and all over the world

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    Despite the protest around the world, its pretty scary that Coronavirus is still ongoing though.

  • ong hui 11 months ago

    TRUMP for President 2020 ! Blame China make america greater again !

  • Nomad 11 months ago

    JANE ELLIOT ! Watch her videos here on YouTube, read her books if possible.
    Just one video or book will open your eyes and have a lasting effect on you.
    She’s really something else..🤍

  • Joe Rhea 11 months ago

    We need to start a curriculum on racism in all our schools starting with grade 1 all the way through high school. It should be taught each and every year so our students are educated about what hate is and why it needs to stop.

  • Jared Mata 11 months ago

    Yasss keep the protests going! #BLM

  • DR Music 11 months ago

    If the NFL REALLY mean what they are saying, they will lift the ban on Colin K. and allow him to play otherwise its all empty words. If Michael Vick could get hired its time Colin got a second chance.

  • Valeriavaleria06 11 months ago

    Wow, everything Trevor says in this video is so true, especially the part of cutting budget from something that does not benefit citizens and use it to improve communities. I’m from Costa Rica and one of the country’s greatest achievements was to abolish the army in 1948 and use that money to invest in public education. Thanks to that decision we now have free public education (school and high school) and affordable public universities. Because taking at least a part of the funding used to make the police stronger, and therefore feeding a program that supports systemic racism, and use that to improve communities will make things better overtime

  • Xet inc 11 months ago

    Sad to see the difference between USA and rest of the world in handling the protester.

  • Francisco SF 11 months ago

    “Companies have to stop not hiring people because they’re black”

  • Joseph E. Flack IV 11 months ago

    I used to live in Seoul Korea and I only encountered racism a couple times and it was very mild. The police there are great honestly. Never had a problem with them being a brown person.

  • Barna De 11 months ago

    The Great American Renaissance has arrived!

  • Saint Gospel rap 11 months ago

    Imagine if everyone came together as one and started praying for eachother and started rebuking the devil and casting him down in the name of Jesus.

  • House Dracul 11 months ago

    You disgust me, boy.

    If you quit committing crimes, I bet you anything ‘police brutality’ flatlines.

    Your entitled, delusional way of thinking is a factor in the ruination of America.

    Support law enforcement!

  • Robin Westergren 11 months ago


  • Truth Unplugged 11 months ago

    It wasn’t the protests that made shyt change. IT WAS THE BURNING SHYT DOWN AND KILLINGS.

  • Hand Solo 11 months ago

    Blm is full of crap.. its just a front for marxists….. look at the numbers and all the cities are run by leftist democrats and the news media are a bunch of liars…

  • Pepe the Frog 11 months ago

    I don’t know about buying books, but there are definitely a lot of YouTube videos about this stuff from good sources.

  • Pepe the Frog 11 months ago

    The police should have their power greatly decreased, however, a minor police force would still be necessary. People are not angels. Cops should not carry guns. Only tasers.

  • Karina Gonzalez 11 months ago

    It’s not systematic racism. You’re holding YOURSELF down. We all have family reunions. At those reunions we see the cousins that are more successful than the others. The successful cousins made life decisions that allowed them to be successful!! And we call them white washed cuz they DIDN’T have drop out of high school/college cuz they aren’t out partying every weekend cuz they didn’t get pregnant before they were ready why do we clown our own people when they are successful? Cuz we’re mad at OURSELVES. It’s time for personal accountability. Stop blaming everyone else for your life choices that have not helped you be successful.

  • DILLIGAF Bro 11 months ago

    Promote Marxism

  • Kevin Vilagomez 11 months ago

    The Black Lives Matter movement isn’t really about protecting black people, but more as a political tool for the left.

  • exas4791 11 months ago

    What about the black people who shot fireworks into the face of a homeless white man in Baltimore ?

  • Lee Johnson 11 months ago

    What “system” is keeping you down?! The killing of George Floyd was one person. I don’t know if that cop was racist or just an asshole. But either way, he’s going to jail. Whatever your race the path to success is the same….Get an education and don’t have kids before you’re married and settled. This country is free and I’m tired of people saying that it’s racist. It’s not! Btw…Trevor Noah who is black. You seem to be doing pretty well in this racist country with your millions of dollars and television show.

  • C 11 months ago

    Noah, they should also increase the Police age limit. There are other industries that have historically kept Black people from serving in their own communities: Fire Departments and Construction to start. There are huge racial issues within these good ol’ boys league.

  • Af Alam 11 months ago


  • noah flynn 11 months ago

    What about equality matters??!

  • Rony Castro 11 months ago

    I’m very touched by all that is happening now I’ve got the perfect song for all of this lets sing it together. and hope there will be change in our Future

  • Bill Davis 11 months ago

    Black lives matter is Racist cause it doesn’t include any other race

  • Jacob Dipietro 11 months ago

    Blm is a racist organization


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