America Is So Winning Eurovision Next Year

Published on May 17, 2016

2016’s Eurovision contest is over and America wasn’t even in it. Stephen isn’t going to let that happen again.

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  • Coregame3 3 years ago


  • Anna Emiko 3 years ago

    The naked wolf man was actually pretty good

  • Secret Asian Man 3 years ago

    i know of a Stockholm Syndromes…

  • YC JONI 3 years ago

    I am usually a big fan of your jokes Stephen but not sure what your point
    is when you commented sarcastically on the Ukrainian song – that was a
    serious song and it is a very significant to see that a song that is so
    politically charged to be voted the winner at an international event.
    Please show some respect for this. The same goes for those audiences who
    laughed at the songs – why laugh?

  • RadiantSun 3 years ago

    Next year South Africa will join in…

  • Laura Maxwell 3 years ago

    Euro meaning Europe (and Australia)…

  • diegodrms1 3 years ago

    United States*. America is a whole continent

  • Mason Starling 3 years ago

    You know what? Since Australia is competing nowadays why the fuck not… I
    really don’t get the shit anymore

  • Trekkie NZ 3 years ago

    If Australia is in Eurovision 2016 then China should be included as well.

  • joan6839 3 years ago

    I hope Catalan Countries can compete in not so distant future!!

  • roseslikemusic 3 years ago

    I LOVE Eurovision! The US is very welcome to participate if you want to :)

  • Professional Bird Watcher 3 years ago

    Late Show jokes are pretty bland… I miss the Colbert Show :(

  • Snufkin224 3 years ago

    This would have been my favourite music number in the Eurovision this year.

  • Bear AndBear 3 years ago

    Colbert’s song will get more points then Germany.

  • Chris News 3 years ago

    Wtf ! This was Stephen’s gay dream come true

  • karins' cameralense 3 years ago

    At this point Eurovision is more about politics than anything else.

  • z4k 3 years ago

    Oh. Did I miss Eurovision? Tragic.

  • RandeezyFoSheezy 3 years ago

    my favorite part is how committed he was to this performance

  • Nenad Bogunovic 3 years ago

    Still better than all the songs in Eurovision!

  • ThatRabbitGuy Wut? 3 years ago

    OMG is Europe becoming the new Japan!?

  • DayDreamer 3 years ago

    It was actually a good show this year. I really liked the hosts and their
    performance. Måns was super hot as usual. The performance from Timberlake
    was fun to see. Many good songs this year but of course there are always
    some that are terrible. Everything is live you know.. no pre-recordings.
    And yes, I personally didn’t like the winner song,.. but the voting viewers
    apparently did.

  • Puff Ball 3 years ago

    He better make some merch with these lyrics on them.

  • Joshua Rowe 3 years ago

    Woohoo I love Nórnaäs!

  • supershinigami1 3 years ago

    Is every other continent suddenly jealous of Europe? Australia joined last
    year and this yeah too and came in 2nd this time. So which continent will
    be joining us in 2017?
    We should probably rename this whole contest into InternationalVision.

  • Doctor English 3 years ago

    Stephen would have nailed dix points at eurovision with that song.

  • BryceStawski 3 years ago

    Stephen never fails to amaze me with how goofy he can be.

  • Loes Poppins 3 years ago

    “You can’t sit with us. ” – Europe @ America during eurovision

  • Gent M 3 years ago

    This year’s Eurovision was bloody amazing. I’m one of the few people who
    had no problem with Ukraine winning it. That shit was tense.

  • Professicchio 3 years ago

    Just want to rectify that Trump comparison, he is not America’s Mussolini,
    sure he’s a megalomaniac but doesn’t have the political intelligence to be
    that kind of dictator.
    Donald Trump is nothing more than America’s own Silvio Berlusconi: rich
    upstart with too much fake tan, uber-sleazy, objectifier of women and with
    a tendency to say outlandishly stupid remarks with hardly any sign of shame
    or repentance. Like Silvio I’m sure he’ll also get along very well with
    Putin (he even said so); we managed to survive with him around for a couple
    of decades, chances are US might be able to do the same for a handful of
    years: enjoy.

  • Dima Vasilev 3 years ago

    12 points from the United Kingdom! Seriously, this was better than almost
    everything from the last two Eurovisions.

    I mean, you guys have missed out on Verdka Sedushka, Gay Dubstep Vampire,
    Dustin the Turkey, the Grannies and all the weirder acts. Naked Wolf Man is
    relatively sane, pretty somber year.

  • Herman Falck How 3 years ago

    The US would really be kind of unfair to have in eurovision… It would
    kind of be like all of europe choosing one constestant. You would kind of
    have to have one from every state, which would be weird. Make your own
    weird, fantastic ”song” contest!

  • AsharOzborne95 3 years ago

    Eh. Mediocre.

  • Leslie Perkins-Traeger 3 years ago

    Because the United States would ruin Eurovision, that’s why you can’t take
    part. ^^

  • TheStormfall 3 years ago

    Not the winner but a solid 3rd place. Good work Colbert. love from Ukraine.


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