America Gets a Lifetime Appointment to Brett Kavanaugh News | The Daily Show

Published on September 26, 2018

A third woman comes forward with accusations of sexual assault against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and the all-male GOP Senate Judiciary Committee outsources Christine Blasey Ford’s questioning to a female prosecutor.



  • Bobby Nelson 1 year ago

    Democrats and Liberals are the Filth of our Country. INBREEDING Pervert Scum pieces of shit. That WILL SOON BE used to fill our American roads POT HOLES.

  • Botanica 2012 1 year ago

    Mcconnell as Mrs Doubtfire – priceless. But let’s not be fooled – he is slick! So we need to vote!!!

  • Nikki Culver 1 year ago

    trevor your so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • cas4040 1 year ago

    I’m 35, and I use a tangible calendar. I get shit for it, don’t care. I throw it away at the the end of every year, like a normal person.

  • Lance Bowlin 1 year ago

    You are the dumbest asshole on TV! And that is an achievement!

  • Lance Bowlin 1 year ago

    I have to assume most of the people posting here are still virgins!

  • Michael Cantu 1 year ago

    I bet you all feel pretty stupid now

  • Sadie's My Name, Chasing Mice is My Game 1 year ago

    My brothers name is brett

  • M Wood 1 year ago

    LOL that 3rd woman is a joke. she threatened to kill her ex boyfriends family. she is a tax dodger. lied on her job resume. told another ex boyfriend that she enjoys being gang banged. WTF

  • Anastasia Maria 1 year ago

    You’re a troubadour and a Way Shower – don’t let them grind you down. Stay up and positive my brother. You got it . . . You got the attention of many because of the TRUTH you speak and the geniuneness of your delivery.

    Always keep heart and remember we all have souls and please don’t sell yours Trevor Noah. You got to much goodness to share with our world.

    I love you and your channel – we think alot alike although we are decades apart. However, we both have senses of humor and a deep down agenda to do the right thing in a crazy world.

    Blessings and Blissings my brother.

  • Ariel Cotton 1 year ago

    Republicans+NewWorldOrder=InevitableToHappen+ReadABible(Truth/Satan’s Dominion)

    If people seeked God with all their heart and His wisdom. you’d know this world is not as it seems. This is satan’s house and only a few will join the resistance and armor up with Jesus for the battle. Seek the truth it’s not in religion it’s in the book. it’s in prayer.

  • desireecordice 1 year ago

    Yessssss God, let God arise and alllllll Brett’s enemies be scattered shut up and shut them down. Evil will not prevail.

  • Fresa Fresa 1 year ago

    Tell the truth, only the truth.

  • Peter Suffredin 1 year ago

    Give it up libtards,he is in,President Trump won AGAIN, the RED WAVE is coming and you libtards ARE DONE!

  • jessi p 1 year ago

    As a girl we are to be protected and aware of our surroundings, but i want to remind myself of JOSEPH how he escaped in bible,day after day she tempted but he protected his character and was kept in jail for years but God remembered him and brought him out as a king, he was without family or anyone to defend .joseph tears and hardwork paid off in the end . Take joseph as a hero

  • Shawn 1 year ago

    our country is doomed…trumpf installed judges in hundreds of places at the lower levels WHICH DIDNT MAKE THE NEWS

    theres decades of danger coming with the judges….fuck me

    america is fucked

  • Karen Nobles 1 year ago

    ME 2 the whole WHITE HOUSE!

  • Bowen 1 year ago

    Accused doesn’t mean anything. It is the accuser or accusers word against the accused. It takes proof according to what some people consider an inconvenient legal principal called innocent until proven guilty. Not alledged guilty.

  • david schare 1 year ago

    Fuck US! Blatant corruption. Zero respect left for any branch of government now and fuck the joke the fbi has proven to be.


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