Published on August 17, 2020

Joe Biden says this year’s election is “The Battle for the Soul of the Nation,” but this week’s live Late Show is calling it, AMERICA: ENDGAME. #Colbert #LateShowLIVE #AmericaEndgame

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  • CEV12 6 months ago

    Wow– This was made by some out of touch corporatist democrats. To portray neoliberal corporatists as superheroes… Spare me.

  • agzv72 6 months ago

    Crying trump is nothing like Thanos. trump is weak and stupid.

  • Lisa A Johnson 6 months ago

    This was AWESOME!!!!

  • Igor Schmidlapp 6 months ago

    Damn… that took some work to put together… well done…

  • John williams 6 months ago

    As someone who is not American, this is pretty cringe.

  • Brandon T. Luong 6 months ago

    Hold up why is Biden Capt America? That is Obama’s position for now and ever. Biden can be Iron Man….. actually let him be Hawkeye instead.

  • Real Deal America 6 months ago

    why would you do this… your making it real

  • LB2007 6 months ago

    I have seen none of those superhero movies. How much binge watching do I have to do to get this joke??? XD

  • StimeTime 6 months ago

    Wow. This sucked.

  • John Woodward 6 months ago

    Ah yes, the five Infinity Stones- person, woman, man, camera, TV.

  • Raven Night 6 months ago

    Yes America as we know it is over because you let ppl like him tell u you news instead of investigating it yourself knowing how heavily involved the CIA is in programming us with our tv u never questioned why they showing u purge the colony hunger games (dear USA map looks just like there’s there will be places for up and places for the rich technocrats you let them shame u out your freedom apologize for things u didn’t things they never experienced you did NOT remember your history even’clip. Like this one should tell you they mocking u and laughing how u will all be enslaved and ruled and broke they took over and have a monopoly on everything gas food media all resources even tell u to your face where u will be put in an internment camp studies over the last 50 years told u that mask ‘NOT going to protect u the mask box says specifically why? Tiny know you r government CDC the who was lying to u and didn’t want to be held liable when u caught it cause you ruined your immune system u applauded this man for propaganda and lies assumed all if said was true knowing the USA can now propagandize u thanks to Obama and the muntz act. So if if can write via. Into law Trump who ashes about all the fake news coulda ended it with a pen swipe and signature but if didn’t why cause if is also part this when they declared a national emergency for a flu with a 99.9% survival rate Lord knows if it even exists this point the test are faulty contaminated can’t tell between a flu shot or common cold anti bodies or the other numerous corona viruses mutt there that are so common the on your Lysol bottle. Thought the entire way the news llied to you over and over again said the hospital 25grand to write cvd19 no death certificates stopped all other so called not essential treatments appointment and surgeries now they going broke once families started speaking out posting they family died of cancer or old age or heart attack or car accident the initial started paying the families families grand to put the virus on the death certificate andask then nicely to be quiet about it. Know the news ppl had’hospital employees standing in line acting like they we’re patients waiting for the virus testing citizen journals recorded forty lines and forty hospitals all over the world the nurse tic tock videos of choreographed dances alone should told u those ppl was not watching ppl die everyday and was not over run. A nurse did and undercover investigation at Elmhurst word cameras on he’s glasses showing how they Strait murdered ppl who did not need to did most who didn’t have the virus buckle when they’bands in but they needed the money didn’t see that? Maybe because all u watch is propaganda news program all owned by the same ppl wanting your freedoms you money’and your property there ppl also want your life and u have it to then have then your businesses your House your from the’golf way media contradicted itself over Andover again still u questionedd nothing u believed fake George flowd hoax it did’stop the USB and the world protesting for freedom on forced shots and #expose Bill gates didn’t it nowyou will give them your children when u or your children school one the’kids pop for that 81% false positive test dept of children and families will take your child from u you have on legal right to see them or know where they are they already setting up facilities have you lost enough? Not yet? U waiting till they sir apart your family too? Okay you have been warned 5g is right no top every school and soon to house near u, America is the greatest busy I’m th world and u just let it fall let then take your finance s your goods your businesses so they can finger what’s left on the monopoly the billions made billions while u went broke yet u still wearing via. Plate masks didn’t even look into how bad it is for u did u know when u dying this fall in a quarantine camp know ppl like of tried to warm u wake u up help u you laughed at up tried to shame us and got your cameras out to post all the hill who wouldn’t kill themselves out of ignorance and blind obedience to pill who trying to kill us and take our freedom and Trump who claims to love America haved th to FEMA ca’ll ed our constitution old and out dated u pumped thecommie fist because social media told u the masses agree with that and it was nice right an progressive that was not the majority just ppl said to state it u let nous freeform your critical thought and all rational fly right out the window blind obedience and laziness plenty truth still out there plenty ppl tried to tell u called then crazy now before lie yoppt nous ofyour life happens and u literally lose all u have own with kids your life if u let then remember they wanted immunity from prosecution for a reason obviously hospitals doctors and nurses we’re doing things they knew was wrong and was going to be killing ppl and hearing that u didn’t think twice did u? Did u say wait a min why the hell do they need that? Can still fine the nurses undercover investigation plenty whistle blowers came out even now they threatened doctors licences for speaking the truth about the virus masks cures and treatments. Take look into death rates the last 10 years Ada has them download them look car accident pneumonia heart back cancer etc u will see the virus is a mistake virus it literally plummeted every other death rate we had we should been celebrating not locking down cured old age cancer car deaths heart back all this year plummeted into nothing think that maybe windfall there numbers came from? Ppl need to stand up for them selves we have more power than u know we out number the few who are trying to enslave up why do u think they worked so hard to divide into groups so much races police has sports teams u name it gay straight woman and toxic masculinity now Christians on the chopping block next don’t fit into they one world pagan religion . you let them’shut down churches and soon united nations FEMA will take what little u have left because u trusted blindly media who life to you repeatedly and didn’t question it didn’t gather with your family friends and neighbors and community to stand up and push back u let them convince u ppl was evil and dangerous some even called and snitched on ppl like Nazi Germany hey China did it the same wa! Nobody said wait a second this is too much this isn’t America they implanted fear and propaganda into u 24 seven NO sports NO family gathering or friends over to talk about this that may have led to critical thought and outrage and rpush back adjust fear porno and lies24 7. So before they do it again this fall and take what’s left you may want to start using that beautiful brain the good Lord have u this fall will be worse the propaganda will step up and will seem like a real pandemic give up little freedom for security promise you you will get neither1 THINK this video should’piss u off laughing how they took your country from security from u just a few ppl duped all u ppl laughing at you. You better wake up get mad as hell n stop them while u still can1 Christian Trump fans this one is for u will not save u it’s a sysop save selves upturn in No man take NO oaths there are from the enemy let your yes be yes and your NO be NO less u be decided. Satanic one world internet up next Jesus rate repentsalvation prayer spoken outloud ‘buds baptism to hai holy spirit times short get saved today

  • No Way 6 months ago

    Well, I mean, if you can’t make your own memes just copy a style from us conservative. At least they will be half as funny, which is a trillion times funnier than what you normally put out.

  • Jessica Robinson 6 months ago


  • Michael Rivers 6 months ago

    This is on par with the Muppets skits!

  • Tone.E Compton 6 months ago

    I think colbert is funnier without the live audience

  • David Pieper 6 months ago

    Funny and scary at the same time.

  • The Wheelchair Guy 6 months ago

    I liked Elizabeth Warren’s rack lol

  • Bill Cipher 6 months ago

    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are both Captains

  • Jeffrey Kiarie 6 months ago

    I’m probably gonna have a drunken nightmare about trump with the infinity gauntlet now


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