Amber’s Minute of Fury: Police Violence Against Peaceful Protestors

Published on June 3, 2020

Late Night writer Amber Ruffin focuses a minute of fury on the protests about the murder of George Floyd becoming violent due to the response of the police themselves. 

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  • mecongberlin 9 months ago

    Yeah Joe, back in the basement til November – he is just the lesser evil because in truth I can’t see him to be the president the country needs right now. He is far too weak and his mind is not really sharp. ACO would have been something. Or Gov Cuomo. But Joe Biden, he is a bit like the male version of Hillary, only nicer.

  • LJ H 9 months ago

    Love Amber!

  • IrishRepoMan 9 months ago

    One law and order

    Man, when he fucks up, he just doubles down and pretends that’s what he meant all along.

  • Hans Hanzo 9 months ago

    Also the agents provikateur who are protocol since nixon,.not a conspiracy theory, and that umbrella man who is main suspected by his ex gf who is 90% sure he is it, so why doesnt get any anibi given, or investigated. He is a cop whoe department said just, nope he isnt, without any alibi for him, or more reasons. Lie they didnt even research a main suspect hmm. And police protocolis never to go in alone.
    So not a conspiracy, the internet collected solid data over social media.

  • Fortnite Guy 9 months ago

    Trump talking about law and order is hysterical.

  • everton1869 9 months ago

    What about talking about Americas violence against Yemen, that blood is on all your hands but I’ve never heard any US media outlet mention that one.. You need to stop whining and face up to what the US has been doing around the world for decades

  • Nyneva Kyte 9 months ago

    FBI gonna show up at my house for saying this, but Damn, America, don’t they make you guys watch Old Yeller in school anymore? Only one solution for rabid dogs.

  • darkdragon88 9 months ago

    I love her minutes of fury so much

  • B B 9 months ago

    I feel like Native American communities often get forgotten (ignored?) when we talk about systemic racism. Let us not forget their experiences in a country that was literally built on their land and aided by policies/actions aimed to annihilate them. If you look at the statistics, their representation in all kinds of negative outcomes is the most disproportinate of any group of people relative to the size of their population. I am writing this to remind people not to forget Native Americans when protesting or trying to effect change.

    “Native Americans are killed in police encounters at a higher rate than any other racial or ethnic group, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet rarely do these deaths gain the national spotlight.” From: Native Americans: The forgotten minority in police shootings – CNN

    Here is a paper in pdf form for some further insight: fatal-encounters-between-native-americans-and-the-police_march-2020.pdf

    Coronavirus, too, has impacted them disproportionately. “If Native American tribes were counted as states, the five most infected states in the country would all be native tribes, with New York dropping to No. 6, according to a compilation by the American Indian Studies Center at U.C.L.A.” From:

  • Mark Aguirre 9 months ago

    I agree and disagree…above all what’s going on , have we forgot the refugee’s held in cages at the border.. do those lives matter?
    What about the officer’s that are trying to do right.. let’s not forget about the many other victims out there… there are so many more..

  • Leanne Maddison 9 months ago

    Why is this woman so cheerful? Where does it come from and is it legal??

  • Ol Oem 9 months ago

    Yep, joe should shut up till November.

  • Mathewl Jordan 9 months ago

    Lock up cops mayors goverment president cant wont ot dont FIRE THEM OR LOCK THEM UP THEY KILL LOCK THEM UP DONT KET THEM OUT.

  • Geoffrey Waldo 9 months ago

    Damn you nailed it grl!

  • Quantumese Boy 9 months ago

    It’s not funny, there is a fascist coup underway in this country and it’s going smoother than I would imagine.

  • TokenOtaku 9 months ago

    Biden is an idiot.

  • Colt1451 9 months ago

    Those fucking astronauts, they know what’s up.

  • Colt1451 9 months ago

    Is it just me or is Amber really adorable in this and kinda hot ?

  • Don Rechtman 9 months ago

    Thank you Seth, for giving Amber a voice, and thank you Amber, for using it! 🌹

  • dschumac27 9 months ago

    This was fantastic. Thank you Amber!


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