Amber Scorah – Traveling Out of a Religion in “Leaving the Witness” | The Daily Show



  • DaBoy Me 1 week ago

    Amazing, such a interesting story

  • Janet Baker 1 week ago

    The thing that people need to really truly understand. Is that religion is on its way out. I’m talking about organized religion.
    Spirituality is on the rise people, believe in God they just don’t believe in the dogma of religions. And I agree.
    Religions only exist to control the masses!
    Yes it has a good message, wrapped up in all its Dogma , that’s how it manages to do its controlling.
    No one has to tell me what my relationship with God should be. No one needs to be told what their relationship with God should be. Only you know what your personal relationship between you and God is.
    And it has nothing absolutely nothing to do with organized religion!

  • catquack 1 week ago

    Interesting interview on a very interesting subject matter.

  • yourhighness100 1 week ago

    I love Jehovah!

  • G House 1 week ago

    Once you put space between the meetings and and just living you’ll realize you didn’t die and The world didn’t end. It’s a scary thing to experience at first.. working through the guilt & fear was the hardest…But man it’s so freeing…😎

  • The rig 1 week ago

    Girl has touched the bull’s tail. If you know what I mean

  • IBRAHIM AHMED 1 week ago

    Ms. Amber Scorah try Islam you will never regret it. May Allah guide you in your search.

  • Rosemary Williams 1 week ago

    When I was a kid… They lost me at “exactly 144,000 faithful Christians go to heaven to rule with Christ in the kingdom of God”. I was like… Mother so don’t they have like 20 million peps? and she’s like….Yes Dear they do but God loves everyone so pray for them.

  • M Im 1 week ago

    This must be weird for travoer his mother is jw

  • jablue 1 week ago

    Oh shit, is she irreligious now? Power to her… and I wish her luck, too, because it’s fucking hard. A lot of religious comforts are stripped away, leaving you to deal with world using your own support group and mental fortitude. Hope both of those are strong for her and anyone else in that situation.

  • Sydney V. 1 week ago

    Religion: together we can find a cure.

  • Auchie Thomas 1 week ago

    shes an intelligent woman

  • J H 1 week ago

    Good news McDonald is getting kicked out of mexico

  • Vegadeth 1 week ago

    Fire and brimstone taught to kids so they would love the religion. Sounds familiar

  • Riad Ramsaroop 1 week ago

    An amazing interview.

  • Captain Pugwash 1 week ago

    With only 144k places in heaven, I have never figured out why the intense recruiting offensive.

    Another pesky Watchtower preacher on the streets.

  • ALARICFILMS 1 week ago

    What a great Interview Trevor…

  • Joe 1 week ago

    All religions are nonsense.

  • Katherine 1 week ago

    Yay Trevor! Very interesting interview

  • DUC 1 week ago

    Rule 1 of a Religion or a Cult, NEVER Question, Always Blindly Believe, Never Ask, Always Offer, Never Think, Only Listen – NEVER Be an Individual, Always be a Sheep…


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