Amber Says What: Nepo Babies, AI Portraits and Andrew Tate’s Arrest

Published on January 5, 2023

Late Night writer Amber Ruffin recaps what’s happening in pop culture news.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • John Browne 1 year ago

    She isn’t one bit funny.

  • Mediaright 1 year ago

    Perfection. Just… fantastic!

  • Justin Kerr 1 year ago

    I miss Amber. I was so disappointed when Peacock hid her behind a paywall because I don’t want to watch literally anything else besides Amber on Peacock so I refuse to subscribe and now I can’t watch her so these incredibly intermittent segments are all I’ve been able to get for two years

  • Sharkula's Hairstylist 1 year ago

    Correction mail here in unrelated monologue joke. the jail cell with burgled home furnishing has no metal toilet
    I was wondering if I could get a group of people to sneak microwaved fruit into the Cosby tour and pelt him good with rotten softened tomatoes
    You soft NY elitists haven’t even been in a drunk tank or arrested for disorderly? Well, I guess that’s why you have jobs and well…
    metal toilets are standard in correctional facilities, police stations and immoveable for decorative purposes just sayin as much furniture you steal you can’t stop the cold metal toilet. plus nobody steals furniture what is this an Amish burglary? Come on man, who steals house plants, the failed premise of a jail cell with the furniture you stole goes in the surprise inspections pile. Watch that writers work this week how that slipped by and graphics got to work on such a lame premise should be at the budget line. I would have said the buck stops here and nobody else is working on this dumb joke.

  • Jo Mo 1 year ago

    Tate likes her – but for the wrong reasons.

  • ronishamay 1 year ago

    She was released for the merchant of death’s release.

  • usedfuzzbox 1 year ago

    Just like that Cigarette, Amber is smoking, hell, plain on fire….

  • Oracle Of Delphi 1 year ago

    I swear,
    “Amber Says What” and
    “The Kind of Story We Need Right Now”
    both make life worth living.

  • ronishamay 1 year ago

    Also that jew-ish Rachel d is a hoot.

  • Maarten van dam 1 year ago

    I very much enjoy how she highlights what is, for me, a source of irritation, and has been for at least two decades, and that is people always having been like something.
    For 20 years, I’ve been listening to people who were like this, after which someone else like that, which causes them to be like something else, and so it goes on, until I’m like:”Wtf are you on about?”
    What do you mean when you say you are “like” something?
    Can we all please just use words for their original purpose, can we try to tell stories simply by repeating what people said, or describing their actions with words, instead of merely telling us that people, things, situations were like something.
    What does that mean? You were like this, but not identical? Why not?
    If you were like this, would being like that, or anything else, have been an option?
    Saying: “I was like: *fill in anything * suggests being similar to something, but not quite the same.
    Where is the difference? What is the difference? And what is it like?

  • Mother Reaper 1 year ago

    You should hire Greta Thunberg for these segments, she’s funnier than Seth.
    Seth can still keep his job of course, Greta should be on payroll regardless of whether she shows up or not, the occasional cameo of her taking up her roll would be absolutely worth it for all the times she had to get budget actor Seth Meyers to fill in for her.


  • Cthulhu_lives 1 year ago

    The Romanian police said the pizza box had nothing to do with his arrest. Great burn still though.

  • Kiyotokki 1 year ago

    Amber, please stop bring up racism everytime you defend Meghan Markle. Have you even ever tried to fact check all the claims that she’s made? Please don’t try so hard to pander to her and her supporters just because she’s half black. It’s okay to not be woke all the time.

  • Jami Boothe 1 year ago

    Amber! <3 Thanks for reminding Seth, who his real boss is.


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