Amber Ruffin Shared Her Own Experiences with the Police on TV

Published on June 12, 2020

Amber Ruffin talks about her tenure at Late Night and sharing her own personal stories of run-ins with police.

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  • Belinda Garcia 3 years ago

    Yasssss! We are always here for Amber! 👏👏👏👏

  • Maya Su 3 years ago

    Amber you should have your own show. I only watch seths show because of your jokes.

  • Kat 3 years ago

    Amber is a beautiful soul, please protect her. Also, when is she going to get her own show?

  • Elizabeth Larson 3 years ago

    I just love her.

  • Lisa Parker 3 years ago

    Amber, your stories about encounters with police were chilling. I can’t imagine what you were feeling except for the impact of your retelling of these encounters. I am an elderly white woman who grew up in Washington D. C. . I went to a predominately black high school. I think there were about ten non-black students. I am fortunate to have had that experience because although I can’t know how your experiences affected you I can relate to them. At the age of 66 I was pulled over by a cop. My first thought was “Thank god I’m not black”. That horrified me. At first I thought I was a raging bigot who’s been in complete denial all my life. But after I calmed down I realized that thought wasn’t racist. It was a profound understanding of what black people go through all the time. Keep telling your stories.

  • S Garber 3 years ago

    Seeing Amber’s beautiful face and smile, and then hearing her intelligent and witty voice just warms my heart and brings me joy ❤

  • Berlin - du bist so wunderbar! 3 years ago

    She is just awesome!

  • generations 7501 3 years ago

    Je suis Evelyne Bensalem j’ai un facebook et j’écris de chez un ami. Je vous admire. Je n’ai pas que cela à dire car je suis en France.

  • Michael Keating 3 years ago

    I wuv you Amber Ruffin😄!

  • Kattis Small 3 years ago

    I hope she will wear a different gown on every episode of her new show…. it should be put in her contract.

  • Sues Anna 3 years ago


  • senselocke 3 years ago

    Amber is so good at this! She’s just so optomistic and sweet and affable, it makes you feel like she’s your friend, daughter, sister, etc. Folks like her instantly, even those who would ignore or dismiss the issues she raises from anybody else. She’s instantly believable, and that really gets to your heartstrings. Many easily detract or dismiss athletes or celebrities, from envy or feeling that fame should “fix” everything. Amber is just so disarming, it cuts through all that, even though she _is_ famous. It’s hard to disbelieve someone so open and honest.

    It’s upsetting to think of her being in danger or harassed or hurt, so that she does have those experiences really gets the point across that no, it’s really not about the person, it *is* about race. And for many people, there really is nothing they could do to change what happened to them. She *is* a princess, cartoon birds and all. There is no way to even imagine her seeming threatening or suspicious, folks realize if it can happen to a certified Disney princess, it can happen to anyone.
    Amber, you do a fantastic job, I’m so glad you have this platform, you’re honestly one of my favorite friends unmet. Love all you guys, keep doing what you’re doing, be safe.

  • Kat Rain 3 years ago

    I adore Amber, she’s such an icon. I’ve learned so much of what kind of woman I want to be watching be her awesome self

  • Elasticbrand 3 years ago

    BOOM Chicago Amsterdam shout-out!

  • Julie Campbell 3 years ago

    Who are the 78 monsters who disliked this video?

  • TheStTeresa 3 years ago

    Thank you Amber.

  • Jamie Martindale 3 years ago

    That whole series of clips she did was so moving. I mean really — SKIPPING! They made her assume the position & puts hands on the car over SKIPPING too close to a police station? Y’all wouldn’t believe the sh*t I have just gotten a little friendly warning for, instead of that kind of treatment. EVERY black person I know has stories like this, but white guys like me have it SO different I am continually stunned a how big that gap is. It just ain’t right. Thank you, Amber, and thank you to Late Night for airing this.

  • hbeachley 3 years ago

    Amber always got the hot quar fashions.

  • Victoria Eads 3 years ago

    The only thing i could wish is that Ms Ruffin had fewer stories. Hypothetically, this would mean less systemic racism. I hope our children have fewer such stories.
    Ms Ruffin, you are strong and intelligent and you seem like a lovely person.

  • A. Armani 3 years ago

    imagine what a black man must experience daily if cute non threatening Amber gets harrassed by those racists in blue for skipping..Lord..the world is watching in horror..greetings from Black Germany🙋🏾‍♀️👋🏽❤ luv ya Amber🥰

  • Peace Forward 3 years ago

    So in love with her!


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