Amber Ruffin Performs a Brutally Honest Christmas Song

Published on December 17, 2020

Late Night writer Amber Ruffin performs a special Christmas song in an attempt to cheer up those who won’t be able to make it home for the holidays.

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  • TheDriedfrogpills 2 months ago

    Any time they let Amber sing is a silver lining in whatever reality facing thing the bit is about. Like sugar on a steel bar to the face but I’m okay with it

  • Jasmine Carter 2 months ago

    She getting a show on Peacock right? Amber rocks!

  • puppypundit 2 months ago

    Just give Amber Ruffin all the awards now, please. Emmy, Tony, Pulitzer and hell why not America’s Next Top Model too?

  • BluePlum 2 months ago

    She’s brave for singing lol gawd that was awful but TRUE

  • lee wang 2 months ago

    Nice dress. Is that something to do with protecting yourself from Trump?

  • goose berry 2 months ago

    nothing under the christmas tree…we haven’t even put ours up…no one can be bothered…perfect soundtrack to round off this crappy year 😉

  • Cass P 2 months ago

    Don’t tempt fate, next year could always be worse.

  • Scubacopter 2 months ago

    She’s an okay writer…

  • Manic 23 2 months ago


  • 10101110101011001 2 months ago

    This has “hit potential” written all over it!

  • Doriana H. 2 months ago

    Amber preggers? She looks great but I always think oversized bows could be hiding something 🤔 😅

  • PAW 2 months ago

    Beautiful dress!!

  • Je Ra 2 months ago

    How about getting the message and repent money lovers? It can always get worse. Place your bets. Empower the selfish and get the really worst.

  • Cassy Low 2 months ago

    Such talent….. Omg that dress 😍😍😍

  • Nick 2 months ago

    Worst Christmas of our lives SO FAR

  • Dahn 2 months ago

    Brilliant as always from the wonderful Amber! 🙂

    As for this being the worst Christmas of my life?
    Not even close!
    I’ve had FAR worse Christmases than this, serving in the Army when literally EVERYONE else had gone home for Christmas except for the camp guard and a few administrators that couldn’t get away.
    24 hour guard duty then 24 off in the middle of nowhere, no one but the other poor bastards who were stuck on duty with me. Multiple times…

    This is a breeze in comparison, hell, we’ve all been practicing most of the year for it already.

    Most of my family are hospital staff, so we’ve been pretty strict on this whole deal all the way through, as we’ve not only lost people close to us to covid, but seen the terrible number of people who have died from it.

    Just remember, there’s always next year to celebrate, unless, of course, you are dumb enough to risk your life and those of your family for such a silly and momentary reason.

    Just stay home, stay safe. The vaccines are coming out as we speak, and it would be better to still be around to get the vaccine and see another Christmas than die so close to the end for nothing more than impatience and silliness.

    It could always be worse, so keep on keeping on folks, we will get through it.

  • A 2 months ago

    Thanks for keeping it real, and making me cry, Amber. I needed to. It was all bottled up inside.

  • Lauren 2 months ago

    I love!

  • kn77 2 months ago

    I love you, Amber Ruffin! Thank you for who you are, and for sharing it with the world.

  • Cameron Cowan 2 months ago

    As someone who is single this year, living in 412 sq ft and can’t travel, this hits home. WAY TOO HARD


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