Amanda Peet Discusses Teachers’ Response to Protests Against Police Violence

Published on June 4, 2020

Amanda Peet gives a shout-out to her children’s teachers during the protests against police violence and talks about her true crime show, Dirty John.

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  • John O'Neill 2 years ago

    Just so you know Amanda, you and Jessica Alba had a long battle to win pride of place on my bedroom wall when I was 13!

  • Daniel 1212uk 2 years ago

    so the people killed in the riot don’t even get a mention

  • David Flynn 2 years ago

    They make those cops write out 1000 times, _”I will not kill people just ‘cos they look a little dark”_


  • Peter Bakens 2 years ago

    Teachers do an hard job, & parents must know that by now after having them home through covid-19.

  • Carl-Erik Blomqvist 2 years ago

    I’m a teacher in Sweden, and we are discussing this very same thing right now in my classrooms. It’s great to hear that teachers in America is doing the same. Hate is based on fear. Fear is based on ignorance. Therefor the cure for hate is knowledge.

  • Gene Holler 2 years ago

    “People in position of privilege and power, including Trump, can’t dictate the terms of the protest”
    Well said! Thats absolutely true 👏👏👏

  • Christina 2 years ago

    Some of the “peaceful protestors” are viciously ambushing police officers. Many have been killed and hundreds have sustained injuries. Our men in blue are being hit with bricks, urine, fire bombs, fireworks, even have gasoline thrown on them to ignite.

    Folks are protesting because black men have been killed by the police, yet dozens of black cops have been injured and 4 black cops have been killed in the past week by rioters. 

    If they don’t care about innocent black cops being killed in the streets, do black lives really matter to them?

  • James Viice 2 years ago

    stop sign

  • Pursuit 2 years ago

    Want to collab?

  • steve jessemey 2 years ago

    These are the amount of Uhhh, ahhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhh ahhhh uhhhh, ummmm, ummmm, ummmm, ummmmm, ummmmmm, ummmmm, ummmmm, ummm, ummmmm, uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhhh, ummmmm, ahhhh, ummmmmm, ummmmm, ummmmm, ummmmm, ummmmm, ummmmmmm, uhhhhh, ummmm, ummmm, ahhhh, ummmmm, ummmmm, ummmm, ummmmm, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhh, uhhhhh, ummmm, ummmmm, ummmm , ahhh ahh ahhhh, ahhh ahhh, ummmm, uhhhh uhhhhh, ummmm uhhhhh, uhhhhhh, ummmmm, ummmmm, ummmmm, ummmmm, ummmmmm, uhhh, uhhhh uhhhhh, uhhhh ahhhhh. These are the amount I had to painfully listen to during this interesting conversation ! 63 in total !

  • Sam Rosenberg 2 years ago

    I spoke about this with my students on Tuesday, we had a really nice and thoughtful conversation about it. But another teacher got in trouble, because her students (my former students, thankfully I’m out of that class) were not at all receptive to it and complained to their parents. To be fair though, all those kids do all day is whine because they can’t play Roblox while they’re in school.

  • cryptocerebral 2 years ago

    Well, people will have to start performing civilian arrests of cops

  • pop5678eye 2 years ago

    How are some people not alarmed by the militarization of our police? We criticize the Chinese government’s response to protesters in Hong Kong for a fraction of the violence but it is okay if our government does it to our citizens? And yes, their government also uses the excuse of ‘thugs and looters.’
    American exceptionalism: ‘it’s different here because… the government is upholding the law and democracy… as long as the protesters are assault rifle-wielding white men who storm state houses and spit in the face of police because they couldn’t get a haircut but we will crack down on the thugs who dare protest systematic racism and police brutality…’

  • Brianbasshunter 2 years ago

    I’m on track to become a high school teacher in the Mid-West and I am worried. Entire counties in my area have pushed back on every inch of change that has been fought for over several years, even with Ferguson being just hours away. I hope one day these aging rural folk will be able to see how simple it is to get the message that *Black Lives Matter* because someday I will find a school that’ll higher me and I will be teaching their children.

  • Jozz Wheeden 2 years ago

    That smile contains megawatts

  • jo smith 2 years ago


  • Catherine Hendrickson 2 years ago

    George Floyd has a young daughter…..

  • Danny Thompson 2 years ago

    Her best work was definitely saving silverman… CUMINY-YAAAAYY HAAAAAH!!!!!

  • Sha Liz 2 years ago

    Love her! 💜🥰

  • Kevin E. 2 years ago

    I still love you Amanda even though your husband ruined Game of Thrones


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