Amanda Nguyen – Helping People Pen Their Civil Rights Into Existence with Rise | The Daily Show

Published on April 29, 2019

Nobel Prize nominee Amanda Nguyen tells the story of how she changed the law after her sexual assault and how her organization Rise empowers people to take action.



  • sportagus3 5 months ago

    “I’ve never chatted with someone who is nominated for a nobel prize.” Why is he throwing shade at Malala though?

  • Lisi Lu 5 months ago

    This is absolutely amazing!

  • Peter Taylor 5 months ago

    Am I the only person who found most of this incomprehensible? It seemed to be some private jargon.

  • Paj Tsua 5 months ago

    I’ve been waiting for this!! Ugh I love Amanda, I saw her speak at the NASPA conference earlier this year in LA. So intelligent and charismatic

  • GreenEyes 1226 5 months ago

    What A Great Woman!!!
    Thank You ForAll You Do !!

  • Victoria DePastino 5 months ago

    I miss when the Nobel Prize actually was a good person award.

  • June Park 5 months ago

    So encouraging and inspiring to see people who are working toward positive change and succeed at it.

  • Optical Popsicle 5 months ago

    No Means No!!! 🚫

    But here is also some good advice
    But if she says YES… Make sure to be a “good boy” and make her CUM first (and as many times as possible)💦
    😉 👍

  • andrias98 5 months ago

    Amazing works ! I truly love the idea of Rise Justice Labs which is being inspired by startup incubators. It’s brilliant !

  • N L 5 months ago

    that woman is amazing! I love this

  • Mark Summers 5 months ago

    What did Obama do to get it? Oh that’s right, signed off on a shit load of wars

  • David Jackson 5 months ago

    This entire conversation was way too and ambiguous for me I’m gonna need some names on what laws have been passed because laws have names for research purposes at least. How can make sure this is not a bunch of respectability politics.

  • Bird of Paradise 5 months ago

    Nguyen clan!!! She makes me proud❤️

  • Alexander Canella 5 months ago

    Why did Trevor Noah say he’s never interviewed a Nobel Prize nominee. He’s interviewed at least two already from the top of my head, Obama and Malala. Which sounds 1980s synth pop group.

  • er ch 5 months ago

    Other ethnic groups, especially Hispanics and blacks, should learn from Asian cultures that this is how you should live.

  • Ilang Ilang 5 months ago

    She has a Vietnamese family name.

  • The Haitian Way 5 months ago

    People like Amanda are using the black struggle to benefit other groups.

  • Chefyy 5 months ago

    Can someone tell me why every Vietnamese people are named Nguyen?

  • phillip st 5 months ago

    governing civil rights???….sounds like an oxymoron but i did have the right to remain silent that i seemed to sidestep …the government is just another group of people aligned against another group of people

  • blue4me43 5 months ago

    There are many AMAZING, BRAVE and NOBLE people in the WORLD who do amazing things. She is one of them, Young and smart. Thanks to all these Amazing Humans.


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