All The Democrats Do Is Win Senate Control

Published on November 15, 2022

McConnell won’t be coming back out of that shell any time soon. #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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  • Jim Satterfield 1 year ago

    ….and lose the house = goodbye legislative agenda.

  • Layla_22 1 year ago

    I hate rap but I LLOVE THIS!

  • DAEMENOTH DIABLOS 1 year ago

    I’m shocked they didn’t use the fox news pic of Biden eating ice cream in front of flames, Biden should sell those on t-shirts and hats as merch lol

  • Tim Heavrin 1 year ago

    Contrary to what Uncle Joey says the leftist Democrats DO NOT have a mandate to continue with their leftist country wrecking bs. BOTH sides need to pause, take a deep breath, and figure out WHAT THEY’RE DOING for the country while setting aside petty, partisan politics. Until such time as they do so in that LA LA Land called Washington DC then it’ll be business as usual and this country will continue to go into the outhouse.

  • Shar Rein 1 year ago

    This needed to be longer.

  • FRANKO7514 1 year ago

    mcconnell ..true to life.

  • Mon Kat 1 year ago

    Need to stop flexing and keep working on gaining the trust instead of relying on the other side screwing up. Narrow margin and they shouldn’t have lost it in the 1st place. Get back in the gym and train, on the field and run drills. I want to see some drops and squats….eiowww on 2nd thought … no squats.. mental picture…most if yall wouldn’t be able to get back up & you’ll lose the few gained back.

  • jpdemer5 1 year ago

    I’d rather look at that turtle than at McConnell’s sad-sack jowls. Maybe Steven can use the turtle as a permanent stand-in?


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