Ali Wong – Lessons for Her Daughters in “Dear Girls” and Life as a Female Comic | The Daily Show

Published on October 23, 2019

Comedian Ali Wong talks about acting alongside Keanu Reeves in “Always Be My Maybe,” how her dad inspired her to write “Dear Girls” and the challenges women in stand-up face. #TheDailyShow #AliWong #DearGirls



  • mouharir ayoub 5 months ago

    do you want to be famous. be a girl and talk about dirty things. in any field this rule applies. seining, comedy , actor. this world is only interested in one thing .

  • A M. 5 months ago

    She is so extremely talented. I absolutely love her!!

  • Cam Latchford 5 months ago

    shes wonderful, so talented and hilarious! here’s to a long career!!!

  • shawn bla 5 months ago

    We all should practice writing to each other again

  • JULIO CONTRERAS 5 months ago

    “The grind before”, inspirational words about life and what struggles we don’t see our parents go through

  • thesweetness Love 5 months ago

    Are they going to pass the class ?

  • True Black Knight 5 months ago

    Just another white guy yeah that can make fun of the police and don’t have to worry about getting shot ??????????

  • The Godfather 5 months ago

    Female comic… there you go pupils, that is an example of an oxymoron. ?

  • treefiddytwo 5 months ago

    she’s dope af just hard to find female comedians funny, sorry..

  • CelStarProductions 5 months ago

    I love her! She’s so hilarious!! ?

  • Blessed king emboss 5 months ago

    Here the Librarian from Africa Kenya and surely i had left two selves for yourself. Send them to Africa

  • t 5 months ago

    You both rock! ❤️

  • Khushi Raval 5 months ago

    Finally i wanted her to be here fo so long. And finally shes here. Love her. Love u trevor.

  • Murdoch 5 months ago

    Thanks to Netflix I do watch a bit a few of these shows and Ali Wong has probably been one of my favorites so far, she’s awesome and loved her in this interview too, Trevor did not have to work hard for this one, she pretty much ran the show here and with a personality like her it works so well! 😀 He could just throw his feet up on the table and enjoy the show! Awesome shit! 😀 Just sad that the world is once again moving backwards… I’m honestly scared for the future right now. 🙁

  • Andi amo 5 months ago

    Trevor Noah: Owned by Democrats, voted for Robert Byrd’s protege, left South Africa AFTER apartheid ended

    No wonder only white liberals care about this fucking guy

  • KelZ X 5 months ago

    She’s gorgeous, funny, talented, versatile! Superstar quality !

  • Optimus Phoenix Prime 5 months ago

    I really want to know

  • starkeclipse 5 months ago

    Ali and Trevor. So great!

  • V M 5 months ago

    It’s very Sad that women don’t feel safe walking around at nite in AmeriKKKa

  • Ashraf Soltani 5 months ago

    That thing where someone touched her belly to see if she was pregnant happened to my mom.


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