Alex Wagner – Assessing the Fourth 2020 Democratic Debate | The Daily Show



  • Angelina 3 years ago

    Bernie the clear-choice candidate!!!
    Most momentum campaign, mental and physical endurance Hand Down!!

    Buttegeig and Klobochar only address the Midwest!!! Biden no grass roots, Warren, Beto, Tulsi and Yang address only elitist PAC rats!!!

  • zamochit1989 3 years ago

    MSM lackey. Platitude Repete and Arrogant Amy? Name me a clear policy that they stand for? Name me an instance where they fought for the interest of the working class?

  • Alfonso Ramos 3 years ago

    Watching this two talk to each other seems like I was watching a romantic comedy movie

  • Stevie 3 years ago


  • Jai Parwani 3 years ago

    It’s a go
    Destroy the women nominees

  • SUBSCRIBE NOW 3 years ago

    Bernie won.

  • Lina Vita 3 years ago

    They would be lovely together … very strong minds … but he’s probably looking at her teeth like “nah” ? it’s okay girl story of my life lol

  • Deneice Scales 3 years ago

    I like her attitude ?

  • Samad H 3 years ago

    Hay if she doesn’t get it she can be a comedian maybe

  • D.J. Shout revelation 3 years ago

    My goodness, she is gorgeous!

  • Peter Mason 3 years ago

    Trevor, I read that you are 35 and single. Make your move man.

  • Julie Lin 3 years ago

    This commentator seems to favor centrist candidates, saying they can actually win the race against trump… hmmm I seem to recall we already ran that race… when was it… oh yeah, 2016, when our precious centrist Clinton lost to Trump. Only a candidate who represents real change, Bernie Sanders, can win against Trump. There are times when the Daily Show poses themselves as speaking truth to power, but 95% of the time they support democratic centrism and the narrative of the establishment. It is really disappointing.

  • Christine R 3 years ago

    Cory Booker stood out the most to me in the 4th debate and he wasn’t one I really took much notice to prior in the past debates.

  • obazas 3 years ago

    I feel bad for her right eye. Can’t see anything

  • corynardin 3 years ago

    I think asking the age question was fine. It didn’t take long to answer and it gave candidates the chance to make the case for why they aren’t too young/old. If they had argued the point for half an hour it would have been out of line.

  • Auchit Sawai 3 years ago

    yang feels like old trump election
    everyone said he is stupid but in the end he won …

    you know people hate politicians

  • CybershamanX 3 years ago

    Here we go again. Time to do the media’s job and let people know about Bernie Sanders’s MASSIVE grassroots support. And how now he’s also starting to get endorsements from the likes of A.O.C. and others in Congress. Michael Moore just officially made it known that he’s endorsing Bernie, too. It’s important to get the word out that Bernie Sanders had THE MOST DONATIONS in the 3rd quarter this year. And he’s doing that with just money from people like you and me, aka “normal” people.

    Yes, there _is_ a change happening in the Democratic party. It’s time for the “old school”, “corporate” Democrats to leave and the new people who aren’t shackled to the uber-rich/corporate interests. Tired corporate Democrats will NOT get more people out to vote. In fact, polls are showing that Bernie would BEAT TRUMP. And, NO, there are NO DOUBTS about Bernie’s “staying power” (5:20). Jesus, even the “liberal” media is hard on Bernie. He’s not “funny”, in that he doesn’t really DO anything that they can talk about in order to garner “clicks”/traffic to their sites. He “just” has what is probably America’s best hope for a positive future.

    Biden has got mental issues, not to mention that he is as corporate as they come and NOTHING of consequence will get done under his presidency. Warren I like. However, I think she’s shakey on foreign policy and she’s DEFINITELY waffling on universal health care. She’s also said that if she wins the nomination she would GLADLY accept money from large corporate donors/the uber-rich. Which goes COMPLETELY against what she said last week about how money DOES effect how politicians act while in office. In fact, in a canned “interview” last week (it was obviously staged) she said that she would NEVER take corporate money. That is until the next day when her team “clarified” her position, saying that, yes, she WOULD GLADLY accept money from large corporate donors.

    So, ask yourself, who in this race REALLY stands for what they SAY they believe in? Who has ALWAYS stood by their principles and NEVER been swayed by corporate interests? Yeah, it’s BERNIE SANDERS and it’s time for the media, on both the Right AND the Left, and the middle, to give that man a fair shake. It’s time to stop trying to downplay the very real support he has. Support that is GROWING every single day. Feel the Bern. Vote for Bernie Sanders! 😀

  • chrisserrific 3 years ago

    I have no idea who she is, and I’m embarrassed. I’m about to go find out.

  • blupunk01 3 years ago

    Elizabeth Warren IS a centerist candidate. Biden, Klobuchar, and Buttigieg are center-right candidates. Because the Republican Party has veered so hard right over the past several decades we’ve allowed them to completely redefine the political “center,” and it only gives them more power to normalize their insanity.

  • Nayana Saran 3 years ago



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