Alex Wagner And Mark McKinnon On What Kamala Harris’s Candidacy Means For The Democratic Party

Published on August 14, 2020

The hosts of Showtime’s “The Circus” join Stephen for a chat about Kamala Harris’s VP candidacy and what to expect during the remaining weeks between now and Election Day 2020. #Colbert #TheCircus #KamalaHarris

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  • Noel Smith 1 month ago

    The Democrats are obsessed with identity politics, don’t think it’s going to wash second time around either.

  • Wu Beach Boy 1 month ago

    Kamala Harris was on the Breakfast Club last year. Pandering similar to when CTG asked Hillary what was in her handbag. Hilary replied “hot sauce”. Stunned momentary silence. They warned Hillary “Some may think you are pandering to the black vote”. She replied “Is it working?”
    This is what politicans do. They pander. With African Americans Democrats pander to them. But its surface level. On this occasion (under the context that Kamala presided over very harsh custodial sentences for people who were sentenced for cannabis offences) CTG asked her if she had smoked weed before. She replied “Yes and I inhaled” and she burst out laughing. She also went on to claim that she listened to Pac and Snoop in college. She left college in 1988….
    I hate that. I hate that form of racism.
    It was either willfully obtuse. Or willfully arrgoant. A person of her intellectual capacity plus having a team around her knows people will fact check. That’s why people are worried or happy about Joe’s cognitive decline depending on your political leanings. Because as a politican you would never tell a section of an electorate “you ain’t black if you dont know the difference……”. You would just think it and act accordingly. And accordingly would be the Dems since Clinton brought black musicians to the White House. Yes on surface level Trump is a monster. But come on people. Insidiously clever lineage war mongering use a black person politics is disgusting and has gone on too long.

  • Greg Greg 1 month ago

    Calling her Nasty boy she’s only just starting, he got burnt to the bone day 1 and she’s going to ram thier BS down thier throats and get them begging for seconds

    Biden will stay on the side playing elder statesman

  • Ben Dobson 1 month ago

    Stephen, well I woke up again…. damnit.
    Again, you should read the Forbes article about me. A disabled veteran and Nurse. ER and ICU Nurse, I worked nearly 30 years in healthcare. I was an army medic and an EMT. You don’t want to know the things in my head. Not if you want to sleep anymore.
    Stephen, I got my life ruined for doing my job. Standing up for my patients…. Veterans.
    I was on my 5th suicide attempt.
    22 vets take their own lives…. everyday. (Average)
    A Large amount of corporate dollars and government (tax) dollars, have been wasted….. covering all this up.
    I assure you….more than a million dollars….tax dollars have been spent trying to shut me up. Look it up.
    Your tax dollars.
    Read the Forbes article
    I’m not giving up on my Veterans.
    I was your biggest fan….Steve.
    I’m going to heaven. So looking forward to it. Good luck with that.

  • vader Ramn 1 month ago

    It means end of india usa partnership.?simple as that,…kamala is pro china and pakistan and anti india..indian gov evn snubbed her during modis last visit ..she wants to giv kashmir to pakistan

  • 1Me 1 month ago

    People are dying and you have a space force lol. One good American end this. He is a fat authoritarian and can’t be that difficult to get someone on the inside and end this. Just go on Fox, say what he likes, you are in, then check him out. One good person and it’s over. I’m now like all these people that hurt and kill, and want bad (evil) should be gone. As the world there are enough of us left to make them scared, hunt them for a change. It’s enough already. If not that we go to war and millions die one day (twice we allowed it). It’s time for a shake up.

  • Rob Van Gessel 1 month ago

    Cheetolini’s newest ploy, dismantling the postal system to impede votes.

  • bridge4 1 month ago

    “shes going to have to find out where she stands and what her ideology is” lol. don’t worry. her donors clarified what her policies should be during the primaries when she bailed on Medicare For All, as an example

  • Jane Elliot, Jr. 1 month ago

    You’re just a sexist if you don’t embrace this shady prosecutor zealous to throw you in jail
    Hillary 2.0
    This comment will soon be deleted because Google is now censoring

  • Bjarke Stemann 1 month ago

    He called the danish prime minister ‘nasty’ because she said it was absurd, that he wanted to sell Greenland. Nasty is a badge of honour used by Trump.

  • Me also 1 month ago

    Individual 1 for prison 2020

  • Obviously True 1 month ago

    Donald Trump is effectively a terrorist. That said, the GOP have been economic, environmental, socio-political terrorists for over 50 years. If America doesn’t face it’s own cancer, it will perish.

  • Tina Loye 1 month ago

    This woman reminds me
    Of…. Olivia Pope. Her voice, mannerism, speech pattern, poise etc. Very Olivia Pope.

  • AZOffRoadster 1 month ago

    Amazing how quickly people forget how quickly Tulsi got Harris to crumble in the primary by stating FACTS and TRUTH about her record. Tulsi didn’t even get a chance to mention Harris’ refusal to prosecute Steve Mnuchin and how he later donated to her. Harris has a glass jaw. She’s also a corporate neoliberal whore. Her opinions are determined by donor $$.
    It’s like Dem leadership WANTS to lose. They selected the worst candidates on the debate stage. Here comes Hillary 2.0.

  • Afsoon Matlab 1 month ago

    And I hope to be alive to see your live coverage

  • The AJ 1 month ago

    I’ve had a crush on Alex for a very long time…
    Such a beautiful, intelligent and talented woman.

  • Veronique487 1 month ago

    no Alex, white american’t women think this way: oh Trump held the bible, I stand with him! OMG a black woman as VP?? let’s pray!

  • James Viice 1 month ago

    the “clown show” knows best

  • Herb Liptow 1 month ago

    trump has set the bar so completely to the bottom of the barrel, at this point a rock could sound more intelligent! He’s desperately trying to look like a tough guy but all the name calling does is make him look like a 5year old! A little boy!

  • Jennifer Jones 1 month ago

    It’s not a safe choice! They are halting those who were just accepting/considering voting for Biden. It is not just “young people”!


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