Alert: It Rained in Los Angeles

Published on September 16, 2015

It’s been a while since Los Angeles experienced rain, and James is a little thrown by the local news’ reaction to the change in weather.

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  • Umar Ali 5 years ago

    I love James Corden

  • THE MCPRO 5 years ago


  • Clem Scott 5 years ago

    James you stole this segment from Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Jelly 5 years ago

    It’s Just Rain <3 It's no Big Deal.

  • Christy Meyer 5 years ago

    Haha we had so much rain in Ohio it was feet deep not inches lol

  • Sporeman2678 5 years ago

    Reminds me of the old days with Craig

  • Curtis 5 years ago

    EVERY SINGLE day of sunny weather would make me really depressed lol

  • Abe 5 years ago

    I loved him in the wrong men’s, other than that this is the only time I’ve
    seen him act/use his comedy.

  • yahb1tchyah1 5 years ago

    Lol should we have a barbecue ?? come to New Zealand the weather is
    bipolar most days. All 4 seasons in one day.

  • David Kirsch-Mills 5 years ago


  • Cloudy Eyes 5 years ago

    pretty heavy rain ? aw poor America thats a shower dizzle

  • Phil OConnor 5 years ago

    Jesus christ they call that rain?? Angelenos would shit a brick if they had
    ten minutes of proper English rain. But then again at least we are probably
    not going to die of thirst when the water runs out in less than a year ha.

  • Eric Nguyen 5 years ago

    why are they complaining about rain lmao california is in a drought they
    need all the rain they can get LOL

  • Nosaj 5 years ago

    They have no idea…. In Ireland….. Fucking hell……

  • Tal Moore 5 years ago

    As someone who grew up in Los Angeles I can confirm that the rain news
    coverage out there is really fucking ridiculous.

  • John King 5 years ago

    As it was once said – in the bible it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and
    the call it the great flood, in Ireland we call it our summer. Los Angeles
    and California have no idea what really wet/windy weather is like. They
    should come to Ireland or the UK in the winter and see storm after storm
    roll in off the atlantic. There is a reason why ireland is so green and
    called the emerald isle, because it is pisses down with rain nearly every

  • Joseph Cameron 5 years ago

    Unusual for LA to have more than two seasons in one day! ?

  • lovesmusic916 5 years ago

    You reckon he’s ever experienced a Cali earthquake?

  • ReadandWite 5 years ago

    Whoever writes this stuff for him should be fired. He also needs delivery
    and timing tuition. As a fairly new talkshow host I think he should drop
    the monologue or maybe have the warmup “comedian” deliver the monologue.

  • SurrealKangaroo 5 years ago

    I live in Seattle so that looks like a normal day to me.

  • SNIP3RARROW117 5 years ago

    I live in England but when America has rained it is much more heavier than

  • A Man 5 years ago

    Sweet sweet cherry piiieeeee! ??

  • Cat Carlisle 5 years ago

    HA. Singapore represent ? . We have two seasons; rain 2-3 times a week
    with breaks of insanely hot/humid days, and rain everyday.

  • Chloe Prime 5 years ago

    If it made the news every time it rained here in Britain we would never
    have to here about the awful government ever again?

  • Arnelle R S Guytano 5 years ago

    HAHA I can totally relate to the rain. I live in London, it rains two
    thirds of the year and we make do of what we’ve got. Throw some BBQs L.A!

  • ClemMedia 5 years ago

    Next to having a an Earthquake. Rain is a a dangerous matter in Los
    Angeles. Especially if you’re driving.


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