Alec Baldwin Shows Off His Solid Robert De Niro Impression



  • Neghan 4 months ago

    Nice impression. LMAO😂

  • Threat-Level- Midnight 4 months ago

    Still his Trump is DA BOMB!!!

  • Hello People 4 months ago

    Please have the stranger things kids on the show again Millie, finn, noah, caleb and gaten

  • HowToFun 4 months ago

    Wow amazing idea bro! Lovely..👍👍
    *Guys, I’m waiting you on my DIY channel!* 😍

  • Jelena_moments 2.0 4 months ago

    Baldwinds attention seekers!!! Lolz

  • Sanskruti Patil 4 months ago

    I’ve just started hating him after what he said about Selena 🙄

    Doing impressions won’t make him a good man and I hope he knows that

  • beautiful video 4 months ago

    🎁Very Beautiful 💏 Friends 💪 Welcome 👏 Like 78 👍

  • Marta Lander 4 months ago

    Yeah what is your show about Alec???

  • Pablo Peguero Jr 4 months ago

    Alec is the man

  • Toys for Boys 4 months ago

    Is his daughter the one who is married to Bieber?

  • SovjetPupper 4 months ago

    put on 0.75 speed and quality on 144P for full 1797 expierence

  • hudaji # 4 months ago

    Best performance in mission impossible fallout

  • ScarlettP 4 months ago

    How does Alec look like Trump and
    Robert De Niro at the same time?!

  • MotherF Jones 4 months ago

    Alec Baldwin does a pretty good job of not having to be Alec Baldwin.

  • Zachary Mitchell 4 months ago

    Pretty solid

  • APHRODITE Diannea 4 months ago

    an attorney named GLEN…stalks gals in their house…spies on them…in their home…theymay had one broke in or had some device…….he was w a x trucker named Joe.bountyhunter/repo man…….odd..whats she doing .whats she going in that room for…….so.where was it from….light fixture…outdoors….i had windows shut…basement dif room…….odd…cause glen could b heard over time…in another room……so..he dont live in my area… seal off that room…and more.and more more more more….Glenn is a sub also..and more….and more more more more more.spying on a gal work one day ..i said i day off…going to mall etcetc… goes…no no no u cant have day begg to work.u have to b nonon..all frantic.use my phone call.u have to b here…i didnt even have day off..theni was like wf gonna happen..etcetc…..eerie.ok…shuld i not go to work tomorrow ..or what…..should had stayed home.for one…..cause .then i saw someone by my house that next day..never b4..didnt check out who was in vehicle….then saw..that cars family.where i work at ..ok….same car tool..also there.hmmm…regret not seeing to that car doing here…odder.yet…ok.on things… i never liked the guy if he was in it…..other things……odder y they. came on this street not anther street….odder odder odder… .

  • iNazz 4 months ago

    If you look closely at 0:00 it is the start of the video

  • Dylan Von Kelaita 4 months ago

    Who else would love to see Alec Baldwin say “is there a cat in here?” While doing the De Niro impression.

  • mcrazza 4 months ago

    No one does a Donald Trump better than Alec Baldwin.

  • Pull up on yo ass with the 64 Palm 4 months ago

    Impression at 3:20

    Thank me with a like


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