Alec Baldwin Shows Off His Solid Robert De Niro Impression

Published on October 13, 2018

Alec Baldwin teases possibly returning to Saturday Night Live to reprise his Donald Trump, and he performs his impression of the first Alec Baldwin Show guest, Robert De Niro.

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  • Neghan 9 months ago

    Nice impression. LMAO😂

  • Threat-Level- Midnight 9 months ago

    Still his Trump is DA BOMB!!!

  • Hello People 9 months ago

    Please have the stranger things kids on the show again Millie, finn, noah, caleb and gaten

  • HowToFun 9 months ago

    Wow amazing idea bro! Lovely..👍👍
    *Guys, I’m waiting you on my DIY channel!* 😍

  • Jelena_moments 2.0 9 months ago

    Baldwinds attention seekers!!! Lolz

  • Sanskruti Patil 9 months ago

    I’ve just started hating him after what he said about Selena 🙄

    Doing impressions won’t make him a good man and I hope he knows that

  • beautiful video 9 months ago

    🎁Very Beautiful 💏 Friends 💪 Welcome 👏 Like 78 👍

  • Marta Lander 9 months ago

    Yeah what is your show about Alec???

  • Pablo Peguero Jr 9 months ago

    Alec is the man

  • Toys for Boys 9 months ago

    Is his daughter the one who is married to Bieber?

  • SovjetPupper 9 months ago

    put on 0.75 speed and quality on 144P for full 1797 expierence

  • hudaji # 9 months ago

    Best performance in mission impossible fallout

  • ScarlettP 9 months ago

    How does Alec look like Trump and
    Robert De Niro at the same time?!

  • MotherF Jones 9 months ago

    Alec Baldwin does a pretty good job of not having to be Alec Baldwin.

  • Zachary Mitchell 9 months ago

    Pretty solid

  • APHRODITE Diannea 9 months ago

    an attorney named GLEN…stalks gals in their house…spies on them…in their home…theymay had one broke in or had some device…….he was w a x trucker named Joe.bountyhunter/repo man…….odd..whats she doing .whats she going in that room for…….so.where was it from….light fixture…outdoors….i had windows shut…basement dif room…….odd…cause glen could b heard over time…in another room……so..he dont live in my area… seal off that room…and more.and more more more more….Glenn is a sub also..and more….and more more more more more.spying on a gal work one day ..i said i day off…going to mall etcetc… goes…no no no u cant have day begg to work.u have to b nonon..all frantic.use my phone call.u have to b here…i didnt even have day off..theni was like wf gonna happen..etcetc…..eerie.ok…shuld i not go to work tomorrow ..or what…..should had stayed home.for one…..cause .then i saw someone by my house that next day..never b4..didnt check out who was in vehicle….then saw..that cars family.where i work at ..ok….same car tool..also there.hmmm…regret not seeing to that car doing here…odder.yet…ok.on things… i never liked the guy if he was in it…..other things……odder y they. came on this street not anther street….odder odder odder… .

  • iNazz 9 months ago

    If you look closely at 0:00 it is the start of the video

  • Dylan Von Kelaita 9 months ago

    Who else would love to see Alec Baldwin say “is there a cat in here?” While doing the De Niro impression.

  • mcrazza 9 months ago

    No one does a Donald Trump better than Alec Baldwin.

  • Pull up on yo ass with the 64 Palm 9 months ago

    Impression at 3:20

    Thank me with a like


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