Alan Dershowitz Predicted Trump Would Win

Published on April 6, 2017

Alan Dershowitz chats with Seth about his book Electile Dysfunction and how the world is moving more toward extremism.

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  • N SA 3 years ago

    this guy is not a democrat.

  • off topic 3 years ago

    i’m tired of these smug predicting cocksuckers !! they just took a shot in the dark, trump and hillary in the polls were so close that considering the poll margin of error it was which way the wind blows

  • James Smith 3 years ago

    In any other country Bernie Sanders would be considered middle of the road–many countries already have what he proposed.

  • Scott S 3 years ago

    People didn’t vote for Clinton because she’s a liar and a criminal. Yeah yeah….I know the same could be said about Trump but Trump and the right did a better selling job than Clinton.

  • Coos Oorlog 3 years ago

    Strong supporter of Israel’s genocidal far-right government.

  • motaman ikabi 3 years ago

    what a hypocrite

  • lisinne 3 years ago

    Uh, no. The centrist corporate democrats are the PROBLEM, not the solution.

  • j02t94r 3 years ago

    Corbyn really isn’t extreme you mug

  • Claire Phillipowsky 3 years ago

    What an ass. Why does the left need to go back to the center when progressive ideas backed by solid policies that will actually HELP EVERYDAY PEOPLE LIVE A DECENT LIFE (look at the happiest countries is the world – socialist democracies are becoming more popular and people are becoming more politically engaged/aware? He wants everyone to go back to sleep. The question we should be asking is: What does he stand to gain when he tells people to go back to sleep. He says, “Bernie Sanders is the greatest candidate who could never get elected.” Are you kidding me? In the polls, he was heads and tails above Trump, he would have won (despite the incredible lack of media coverage) if the DNC hadn’t backed one of the weakest candidates ever. Somewhere in an alternate universe Bernie is president and the world is a better place because of it.

  • Elke Ve 3 years ago

    Corbyn is not an extremist.

  • Penny Lane 3 years ago

    The American center, however, would count as far right in Europe. So the global comparison can only be drawn so far.

  • Ky Pearce 3 years ago

    This guy clearly doesn’t have a clue and is completely out of touch.

  • Paul Lynch 3 years ago

    Democrats are center right, Republicans are far right. Yanks need someone on the left, protecting workers, rather than the rich who both parties are currently serving.

  • heynow888 3 years ago

    been there. done that. people are tired of lobbyists, special interests groups and corporate America running and influencing domestic policy. Moderates, centrists allowed it. both educated and non educated Americans figured or out. the trend is polarization and the only way liberals, progressives will mobilize again is to continue moving left of center.

  • Annie Brown 3 years ago

    I knew just by looking at the likes/dislikes that Dershowitz would be saying something neutral about Sanders. Anything that isn’t praise for the Messiah gets dislikes.

    His observations about the rest of the world becoming more extreme/populist is spot on, as is his feeling about America having difficulty voting for someone like Sanders. It may be hard to accept, but the people who are most motivated to go out and vote are old and centrist or conservative. That’s true in every country.

  • lewdi333 3 years ago

    Do not buy this garbage, Sanders is not a ‘socialist’ Corbyn is not an ‘extremist’ this guy is a fraud. Watch Chomsky talking about this guy, such a slimy guy.

  • Muhammad Darwish 3 years ago

    here’s a prediction: he mentions Chomsky 2000 times in the book?

  • Bruno Cabral 3 years ago

    So much bullshit in a single video…

    Democrats kept turning right over the years especially in the Clinton administration so going center would be leaning to the left.
    People don’t trust the government and the legalized corruption is to blame, Hillary couldn’t be more tied to that imagem.
    Unfortunately a large group of people don’t care about politics or polices, they just want a person who projects a strong charismatic image to lead them.

    Bernie or his policies aren’t extreme and so isn’t Corbyn. Most of the american people agrees with Bernie policy wise that is an actual fact. Is the US filled with extremists or just badly represented in power and people just reached their limit?

    Stop calling extremist to moderate people WHO RESPECT AND UPHOLD THE RULE OF LAW AND THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS.
    That is the real question in terms of extremism because other than that it just a matter of perspective.
    Bernie would be a left-centrist here in Europe.

  • TehMorbidAtheist 3 years ago

    Wow. Dershowitz is kind of an idiot.


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