Alabama: Religion, Prejudice, and Pigskin | The Daily Show

Published on July 10, 2021

Looking for a place to hone your love for Christianity, football, and racism? Welcome to The Heart of Dixie: Alabama. #DailyShow

0:00 – Racism & Football
3:23 – Reacting To Roy Moore
5:32 – Using Fake News To Save The Environment
10:29 – Civil Rights & The Civil War
13:51 – Getting To Know The Most Religious State
20:00 – Breaking Down Alabama’s Government Scandals




  • skratatata parapapapa 3 years ago

    Sweet home Al…!

  • MLG GAMER 3 years ago

    Jordan: don’t they get it you’re supposed to hate each other if you disagree
    Me: that’s where you’re wrong my friend you can disagree and still be friends I have a lot of friends like that where we’ve had so many disagreements but we still share something in common I think because of how society and politics have kind of messed up the portrayal of being able to disagree and how it’s so divisive that’s why we think that way

  • burningfeet 53 3 years ago

    Religion is so dangerous!

  • foxcharlie 3 years ago

    Showing this real side of the US makes me happy that I just visit it for tourism.

  • Christopher Vaca 3 years ago

    Roy knows Reuben Studdard? I didn’t know that!

  • A Olson 3 years ago

    Can’t live there!!!!

  • Halos and Horns 8 3 years ago

    I was raised in alabama and the saddest part is that they understand that older men pray on younger women, but they can’t understand how that effects the woman.

  • S Defiel 3 years ago

    Gawd … so many ignorant, sad people.

  • MLG GAMER 3 years ago

    Jim Smith: can you imagine a football team made with all bigfoots
    Me: they should probably literally just have a team called Alabama Bigfoots

  • Jeremy Johnson 3 years ago

    had to stop watching less then 3 mins in.. that twang…. was loosing brain cells by the second

  • MLG GAMER 3 years ago

    “when a white person catches a cold someone in the black community catching pneumonia”
    I mean the guy is not wrong I mean look at the pandemic do you see how it greatly affected black people especially? His quote’s right man


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