Al Gore Explains What COVID-19 and Climate Change Have in Common

Published on July 24, 2020

Former Vice President Al Gore talks about watching the Trump administration mishandle the coronavirus pandemic and what the pandemic has in common with climate change.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • James Fitzgerald 2 months ago

    He’s totally cereal you guys!!!

  • Thanh Mai 2 months ago

    Both huge crises that the current administration and the GOP like to downplay and ignore until something catastrophic happens 🧐🥴

  • flor wast 2 months ago

    So, everyone has to admit that Al Gore was right just like they have to admit that Hillary Clinton was right about Trump…

  • AnnaKate 2 months ago

    Mr Gore you are a good egg. And I ALWAYS knew you were right, not least about global heating but also about Manbearpig.

  • Campbell Cutler 2 months ago

    Seths sitting there wondering how this interview became about climate change.

  • DEF 2 months ago

    That wallpaper is amazing. Also Al is really good at connecting climate change to BLM other political movements.

  • dragana todosijevic 2 months ago

    I will never understand why this man wasn’t president

  • Nickname 42 2 months ago

    Both are two unpleasant factors for all the humanity and not just a single country

  • Mai Mariarti 2 months ago

    Why do people think the current administration even thinks of them? They are here to rape and pillage and fast as possible!
    They’re not interested in your lives or anyone else lives besides their own!
    GOP sees they are on their last legs, and are pillaging as fast as they are able.
    Fortunately for them, Trump has given some of them, hugely biggly powers.
    Just look at the people in power, when they should be in jail!

  • Dan Franco 2 months ago

    Al gore looks kinda hot now.

  • steven durrant 2 months ago

    I love how the paranoid right try to paint this guy as evil.

  • Mai Mariarti 2 months ago

    If humanity could only love one another, as they do with their own kids and family!
    What happens to you, happens to me. When your son dies, my son dies.
    If we thought like this, who knows were we would be right now?!
    I would say, about a thousand years ahead in tech, as well as personal growth.
    Sadly, this is just a dream of mine and will never come to fruition in my life, or my kid’s lifetime….
    Fortunately, there are other life outside our planet that are much older and wiser, and intelligent life doesn’t end with humanity destroying itself.

  • Suzanne Snow 2 months ago

    Wow, Al’s lost alot of weight.

  • PirateKitty 2 months ago

    I love this man, and hate all of you who didn’t vote for him, or hurt his beautiful soul with your nonsense.
    Karma is a biatch. Watching payback is sweet. Ask Obama!

  • randall2020 2 months ago

    Al Gore did not support Bernie but said he was in favor of single-payer. Another DNC fraud.

  • Maria Colls 2 months ago

    Its really surreal seeing so many powerful western countries which are still struggling while I’m running around mine. Humbly stated in New Zealand.

  • Moist 2 months ago

    Let us take a second to mourn the country we could’ve had if gore won GvB.

  • Diseld 2 months ago

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  • Anderson 2 months ago

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