Al Franken: Do Something! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 31, 2020

Former Senator Al Franken (D-MN) joins Bill Maher to discuss whether Trump will leave office if he loses – and what you can do about it.

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  • Rob Reep Studio 2 years ago

    If Bill is right and he refuses to leave after losing……we take to the streets in mass.

  • Loaded Records LLC 2 years ago

    The worst parts of the Democratic Party are the people who wanted this man gone, run for office again al

  • PirateKitty 2 years ago

    Whining, IS doing something.
    We whine, write wordy letters of protest, march with stupid signs around our necks.
    It’s part of being a democrat.
    You should know, we shamed you into quitting for some stupid titty picture joke!

  • RPG Fanatic 2 years ago

    lol if Trump refused to leave after losing, the US would no longer be able to call itself a democratic republic. In some places you’d call it a sht hole.

  • Michael McGrath 2 years ago

    Trump has said that he would leave.

  • Andres Rada 2 years ago

    I think Al Franken can pass for Lewis Black’s brother.

  • ConSepT Galicia 2 years ago

    We tried to give you Bernie. You’ll get what you deserve

  • souris verte 2 years ago

    he should do snl again

  • walk short 2 years ago

    Liberals are so cute. They talk in what if’s every second of the day. Finding out that the democrats rigged the election isnt exactly the same as trump simply not leaving. Retards

  • Jonathan Blaze 2 years ago

    Bill is fear mongering. The Secret Service/Military would immediately turn on Trump at noon or 1pm Jan 20th and remove him from the white house peacefully or forcefully. If Trump loses we have ZERO to be worried about him not leaving. It would actually be enjoyable to watch him dragged out.

  • Merry Walsh 2 years ago

    Run again Al

  • our wet dogs 2 years ago

    Bill, you need to calm it down as you are only offering Trump your scenario and he will seriously consider it – don’t encourage him!!

  • Brian Schorzman 2 years ago

    Wow, yep. That’s it. I’m done listen/watching Bill Maher. Ignorant as can be. Or plain stupid. I can’t determine which. It might be both. Seriously, the election decides the election. Get over yourselves, you idiots. If he doesn’t leave, talk about it then. Woah! Good thought. Please talk about the topic when it has taken place. STOP FORECASTING TO US TO WHAT YOUR OPINIONS(stupid ideas) ARE WHEN NONE OF US ARE THERE YET TO SEE THE OUTCOME. Wait, Bill Maher. Wa8t Democrats. Unless you think the system is rigged, lmao! Patience is a virtue that you might one day learn to understand.
    Oh, and side note, your idiotic guest speaker…WOW. DO SOMETHING, seriously?! You don’t even know what that is supposed to mean. It used to give meaning to something. You make it sound like, DO NOTHING. Thanks for that, Moron. Voting isn’t doing something. That’s a given. It’s a choice. Those who extort the election to their benefit are malicious and vile. We also know this. We also know most individual despises Trump in the mainstream media, Liberals, and The Left. Wasn’t that way before he was President. What? He isn’t YOUR president because you didn’t vote for him. Too damn bad! You live in America. He is your President until eight years is up, or He doesn’t get re-elected. Either or he’s your President. Respect him. Why is that so hard to ask for respect to be given to OUR President? That’s the Bottom line. We are Human. Don’t forget.

  • Ugyen Thinley 2 years ago

    Trump: don’t believe in what you see and hear!

  • JOHNNY K 2 years ago

    AL! God DAMNNNNIT we want you back

  • Merry Walsh 2 years ago

    I wish Bill would have let Al talk and explain his take on how Trump is taken out.

  • Steve Carter 2 years ago

    Boobie gate

  • Twostones 2 years ago

    Al, we are at war, fighting for our lives. Trump is helping the ENEMY. Trump committed TREASON!

  • AuntiJen 2 years ago

    Franken’s “Questions I would have asked Amy Coney Barrett” podcast was excellent. Made me a subscriber


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