AG Barr Wants Trump to Stop Tweeting About Justice Department Cases

Published on February 14, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, February 13.

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  • dborg56 7 months ago

    Barr’s disingenuousness is so obvious. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is in cahoots with Trump to con the public

  • Awkward Silence 7 months ago

    That parody of a president would die if he couldn’t tweet. I mean, how else can he showcase his stupidity and mental shortcomings? He’s the literal embodiment of a troll.

  • judd442009 7 months ago

    Kelly’s  statement would have more credibility had he not LIED against Rep. Frederica S. Wilson. On Oct. 19, 2018, in a rare appearance at the White House media briefing, Kelly attacked Wilson as an “empty barrel” and accused her of grandstanding at a public event two years ago in Florida by taking credit for securing federal funding for a new building. Moreover, he would not apologize for the false attacks he leveled against Wilson when confronted about his deception. Anyone who has served the Liar-in-Chief is FOREVER TAINTED.

  • Guido Arce 7 months ago

    Scaramucci is the only guy who came better out of the trump shitshow, being inmediately fired was the best thing it could happened to him

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 7 months ago

    International Condom Day should be on 2 days — one day for the people who buy Valentine gifts the day before, and the second day for the people (mostly men) who buy gifts from gas stations on the day.
    I thought Scaramucci would be on Dancing With The Stars by now, because many people ask him to do the Fandango!

  • Ali Alghail 7 months ago

    A G is making himself a dull in the presidents’ hands.

  • anthony reed 7 months ago

    the people want a ‘one of seths writers explains a joke’ segment soon Seth or so help me I’ll go back to getting all my news from Colbert

  • Snow Jordan 7 months ago

    It’s like the police to a killer: I want you to stop smoking.

  • Brett Jones 7 months ago

    Mayor Pete isn’t gay, he’s doing it for the votes. Did you see that attempt at dancing ? ?

  • JohnGalt009 7 months ago

    Let Trump tweet! Don’t tell the Orange idiot what he’s doing wrong! Let his insanity show.

  • SittingOnAPorch 7 months ago

    Remember when DC made Lex Luthor president? I’ll bet he pardoned Penguin at some point.

    Speaking of a bald narcissistic megalomaniac being president- are we due for an irl Crisis on Infinite Earths restructure yet? Dying out here… I can only take so many crossovers where the villians from Captain Planet join up with Dr Doom and Darkseid.

  • Jenni Rios 7 months ago

    I rather vote for mike Bloomberg than Bernie

  • Sebastien Sade 7 months ago

    Word to all the members of the Justice Department (as well as the State Dpt., CIA, FBI, Pentagon, etc) who keep quitting in protest of Trump’s illegal activities: STOP IT! Your resignations are meaningless. You’re only clearing the way for Trump to fill your position with a corrupt lackey. Instead, stay in your job, do your job, and fight to the bitter end. In the Roger Stone case, there was nothing preventing the prosecutors from going before the Judge and saying, “We’re not following the JD’s new recommendations because they are corrupt and politically motivated. Instead, we’re sticking to our original sentence.” Make a statement!!! Stand up against Barr’s criminal behavior and call him on it.

  • Caliban Darklock 7 months ago

    They should totally make cards that say “For My Daughter’s Hot Friend” and then on the inside it just says “How You Doin’?” with a picture of Matt LeBlanc.

  • Cainhurst Nobility 7 months ago

    I hope Trump was worth it to all of you who voted for him and still defending him. May your lives be as dramatic, chaotic and stupid as this presidency. At least you’ll share the Hell you’ve created with the rest of us. And you’ll feel it worse.

  • Magnetron33 7 months ago

    The great part is 500 other lawyers have told him to stop… He won’t he can’t

  • DrMossydog 7 months ago

    Every time I see one of those cow joke graphics all I can think about is “Atom Heart Mother” .
    So I did a little acid in the 60’s – ALRIGHT?

  • BuildingCenter 7 months ago

    Biden was actually endorsed by Local #911, Sad Trombonists League. . .

  • ObesePuppies 7 months ago

    “To my daughters hot friend” that’s mike pence’s card.


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