After Second Impeachment, Trump Begins Moving Out of White House: A Closer Look

Published on January 14, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at a twice-impeached Trump turning against some of his closest allies as his White House gets packed up.

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  • Amy B 1 month ago

    Woah! WTF ?! LoL… I was mid comment wondering if he predicted the Lincoln bust or heard that actually happened? LoL awww I love Seth Myers!

  • SHOW OFF TV 1 month ago

    Seth Seems happier lol

  • She Bop 1 month ago

    Of course he shafted Rudy!

  • Diablo Neruda 1 month ago

    This is absolute bull crap. Trump is a clown, but the people need help, and this is the real cosplay. Also, don’t trust millionaires on television who didn’t lose their job or their healthcare during this pandemic. Do better Seth.

  • LKNANML 1 month ago

    2016 Republicans have the House, Senate and the White House.
    2020 Republicans lose the House, Senate and the White House.
    Trump attempts to overthrow the government and literally attacks the Capital.
    Republicans aid and continue to support Trump and his actions.
    Take a bow Republicans. That is some next level pooch screwing.
    Gold calps all around. Job well done. Way to stick together no matter what.
    Keep your head on a swivel. Trump is behind the wheel and the bus has a full tank of gas.

  • zencat999 1 month ago

    conviction on impeachment includes..loss of SecServ protection, loss of 200K pension per yr, loss of a 1M$ travel stipend per yr. and exclusion from holding any elected or appointed political post. plus when he is out on Jan 20…he has NO prosecutorel immunity…….buh by donny!

  • Yuri Palacios 1 month ago

    cut your hair

  • W 1 month ago

    So Giuliani pretty much made an Ass of himself for nothing. But hey maybe the 4 seasons crematorium will pay for the advertisement?

  • Randy Go 1 month ago

    Trump has become so predictable even jokes about robbing the White House don’t seem too prophetic.

  • CJCryer Buzz 1 month ago

    I’m so embarrassed for the Republicans in my family and friends group. Most of them are embarrassed too.
    I can’t imagine having these spineless imbeciles representing my party.

  • Andrea Hood 1 month ago

    Has that man ever actually paid any of his bills? Ever?

  • s brown 1 month ago

    I am hoping that there is a comprehensive inventory of national treasures upon move-in and then at move-out.
    With the crowd in the Whitehouse lately, my fear is we will need a new law (or two) that requires a substantial damage deposit, renter’s insurance, first and last month’s rent, and a responsible co-signer..

  • Russell Stevens 1 month ago

    If Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert had a child, it would be born with a tiki torch, a MAGA hat, and after its first words were, “Democrats are evil”, it would walk around mumbling conspiracy theories and saying, “No! You!” every time someone insulted it.

  • Mark Plain 1 month ago

    Trump” “No body has been impeached like I have”

  • Karen Cawthorn 1 month ago

    I hate to say this but tighten up those whities……theres gonna be a military take over.

  • PATTY PERRY 1 month ago

    pelosi was def smiling from ear to ear under that mask,i cant say i blame her,they should have voted to impeach him the first time,we would not be where we are right now,now the republicans are running for there lives when they vote against him because 4 years of lies to 70 million people,trump has a mob on his side that really believes it,so sad though

  • #### Doe 1 month ago

    …on Saturday there will be a fleemarket/streetsale with stuff from the white house 🙂
    …come as u are and bring cash cause Donald is fubar at its finest 🤗

  • Kellic AnonymousTiger 1 month ago

    The Republican nutjobs in the House plan to introduce articles of Impeachment towards Biden once he’s in office. These people are fucking insane.

  • manuel enos 1 month ago

    About time maybe We can all sleep better

  • J. Farm 1 month ago

    They stole Lincoln


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