After Four Challenging Years, America Is Ready For This President To Hit The Road

Published on January 19, 2021

The man who kept us on the edge of our seats for four weird and painful years leaves office on Wednesday as the least popular president in American history. Not that we’ve been counting down the days in our theater’s dome or anything. #Colbert #BidenInauguration #Monologue

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  • Justice Graceful 2 years ago

    who threatens to shoot their own children, he needs to be passed around in prison for the rest of his life till his butthole collapses and he has to change his name to blossom.

  • K T 2 years ago

    Good riddance he shall remain shameless. LeOrange may leech on daughter Tiffany relocate to Nigeria play Lion King.

  • michael lombardi 2 years ago


  • stormienormy 2 years ago

    see yaa Trump, wouldn’t want to be yaa!!

  • Steven McNutt 2 years ago

    President Obama bribed Russia

  • Carolyn's List 2 years ago

    I’ll miss the Eric impersonations, but I hope Eric is never, ever in the news again!

  • May 2 years ago

    When I read new wacky “Florida man” headlines from now on, I’ll just assume the crazy Florida man is Trump.

  • CJCryer Buzz 2 years ago

    You gotta love a White supremacist who barely passes as white.

  • Dark Star 2 years ago

    America was abused by Trump for four years.

  • Patricia Babbitt 2 years ago

    We gonna partttay!!

  • Lind Mar 2 years ago

    Chito face coward is gone, leaving his orange dust behind. A disgrace to the country.

  • golfdude2007 2 years ago

    trump proved that you cant Bullshit your way through this job….you need a Brain….and he got FIRED for it LOL

  • Andrew Herbert 2 years ago

    Rumour is when Trump leaves the Whitehouse he is flying around the world 365 x 4…yep so 1,460 times anticlockwise like Superman, so he is back to the start and can try again

  • timo rammy 2 years ago

    With those glasses on he really does look like the president from monsters Vs aliens 🤣😂🤣

  • Michael Newman 2 years ago

    Just STFU Steven already, Jesus Christ, you are the most butt hurt guy in history, embarrassing yourself nightly.

  • The00Lisa00 2 years ago

    The American People: You’re welcome.

  • neeper27 2 years ago

    The media has done the American people a disservice by giving the orange demon spawn from hell so much air time for four years to generate revenue. They must atone. Widely show the pubic records of the arrests of the traitors that desecrated our capital. Along withe the traitor members of congress show their faces. The scarlet ‘’T’’ for traitor.

  • Crux161 2 years ago

    Steven… you’re just as awesome as the pot I just found.

  • Warden Riker 2 years ago

    Remember Animal House,….. “Fat, dumb, and stupid is no way to go through life son”?

  • thereis nogod 2 years ago

    you love to bad mouth Putin but Putin is better than all of you put together. let me give you some history lesson: which country destroyed lybia: let us see…. oh it was you. which country destroyed iraq, oh, it was you. which country destroyed afghanistan, oh it was you. which country destroyed syria, oh it was you. which country destroyed serbia. oh it was you. which country destroyed el salvador, oh it was you and I can go on and on and on. talk to a good man from the usa: chomsky.


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