Advice For Avoiding Campaign Scandals: Get It Out There

Published on February 24, 2017

In his effort to get out ahead of any embarrassing campaign revelations, Arizona senatorial candidate Noah Dyer opted for an epic overshare. (Thursday monologue pt. 3)

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  • Squidward Q. Tentacle 2 years ago

    poor mike pence. he’s just the official white house pooper scooper walking around picking up piles of shit after all the nutjobs. i almost feel sorry for him.

  • phnxfeather 2 years ago

    Breaking up Stephen’s monologue into multiple clips is so incredibly obnoxious and is really turning me off as a viewer. I’ll have to start finding other accounts that upload the entire monologue in one video if this continues.

    Edit: I think the proposed solution to number the videos is a great idea! Keeps that ad revenue going to a great show and less guessing what order to watch the videos.

  • Joseph DeLuca 2 years ago

    Can you stop breaking up the monologues?

  • Samantha Meanor 2 years ago

    “GOOD SWEET AND SOUR JESUS!” aka my new catchphrase

  • Robert Hayes 2 years ago

    What’s with the splitting up theses video clips? I prefer them as one segment.

  • Jay Torraso 2 years ago

    WOW! AN HONEST POLITICIAN? I would vote for this sex addict… atleast he grabs pussy with consent

  • Ry Sun 2 years ago

    This is why Colbert is now the leader in late night shows. LMFAO

  • ani625 2 years ago

    Holy fuck, this was hilarious.

  • Persian Amazon 2 years ago

    My logo “if you elect me I’ll send everyone a picture of my tits”

  • Mark Glover 2 years ago

    I don’t care too much about these monologues being broken up, but how about numbering them or something so we know which order to watch them in? Especially when they’re in three parts. The trial-and-error method is a tad annoying.

  • Rick Sanchez 2 years ago

    Stop splitting video it suck

  • Karen M 2 years ago

    Stop splitting up the monologue!

  • Tiber Septim 2 years ago

    so he’s honest, open minded and contrary to trump he actually seems to care about consent. Where’s the Problem?

  • DeformedBear 2 years ago

    why is bannon’s skin so fucked up?

  • Alvicbar 2 years ago

    fuck this 3 video bullshit, 1 video too much work fam

  • Marcus S tar 2 years ago

    politicians are getting worse.

  • ladyunicornejg 2 years ago

    lol! But it is kinda genius in a way…I mean I’d probably say make sure it’s not anywhere disruptive to the actual campaign points and the like, but what better way to keep from drawn out distractions over abnormal irrelevant positions or “immorality” that isn’t illegal? I’ve actually thought for a while that _eventually_ the publicity and oversharing of the internet might make it so people quit caring so much about nonsense irrelevant scandals like “so-and-so cheated on his wife” but so far it hasn’t desensitized us into realizing everyone is a flawed, sometimes immoral, sometimes hypocritical idiot but instead resulted in idiotic ramping up of minor things.

  • James Dooling 2 years ago

    For the love of God, get this man a guitar player. That joke needed the loser-wah-wah sound.

  • Julian Gadkari 2 years ago

    If I lived in Arizona, and was of voting age, I would absolutely vote for this guy

  • Tanvi Kejriwal 2 years ago

    Surrounded by soup cans ??? ????


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