Adam Sandler Shared an SNL Office with Chris Farley, Chris Rock and David Spade

Published on May 3, 2019

Adam Sandler talks about returning to SNL after 24 years, the SNL writers’ impressions of him and trying to get recognized in public when he was younger.

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  • miyoba hamwaka 2 years ago

    First one here

  • Rick Daniel 2 years ago

    Wow first. A mistake.

  • Mohit Nikam 2 years ago


  • Red Hunteur 2 years ago

    If there really were a god, John Belushi would be alive and Adam Sandler would have died at ten, screaming through a mouthful of blood under a gas truck.

  • Jeremy Smith 2 years ago

    He’s turning into John Turturro with each year.

  • Nathan Callidor 2 years ago

    Can we trade Adam Sandler for Chris Farley?

  • thiefofa1073 2 years ago

    Say what you will about this man’s movies, but who among us can attest to having starred and worked with:
    – Kate Beckinsale (Click)
    – Jessica Biel (I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry)
    – Salma Hayek (Grown ups)
    – Jennifer Anniston (Murder Mystery)
    – Michelle Monaghan (Pixels)
    – Katie Holmes (Jack and Jill)
    – Leighton Meester (That’s my boy)
    – Maria Bello (Grown ups 2)
    – Aubrey Plaza (Funny people)
    – Emmanuelle Chirqui (Don’t mess with the Zohan)
    – Drew Barrymore (various)
    – Liv Tyler (Reign over me)
    – Kathy Bates (Waterboy)
    – Rosario Dawson (Top Five)
    – Julia Jones (The Ridiculous 6)
    – Jennifer Garner (Men Women & Children)
    – Paula Patton (The Do-over)
    – Emily Watson (Punch Drunk Love)
    – Joey Lauren Adams (Big Daddy)
    – Partricia Arquette (Little Nicky)
    – Wionna Ryder (Mr Deeds)
    – Kirsta Allen (Anger Management)
    – Tea Leoni (Spanglish)
    – Cloris Leachman (The Longest Yard)
    – and more…
    It’s like what a host said about Seth McFarlane and Charlize Theron – he had the power to do these movies so he could have a love scene with the women above 😛

  • Adam Gardiner 2 years ago

    6th here!! (Come on pls like it’s my best yet)

  • Gregory J 2 years ago

    cant wait

  • New Message 2 years ago

    It is a hard day when you realize that if they make a biopic about you, you’ll be first pick to play your dad.

  • Rafi Ibn Ferdous 2 years ago

    Adam just make joke on Weekend Update.
    As Norm Macdonald is the best Weekend Update host ever.

  • Bootros Bootrosgali 2 years ago

    Make Sandler feel good factor 10

  • 88ikhram ikhram 2 years ago

    Adam u asshole for Zionist supporter.. Go back to Polane


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