Adam Davidson Says Trump Isn’t Even Good at Corruption

Published on November 25, 2020

Finance journalist Adam Davidson discusses how the world might change under the Biden administration, explains how Trump is a “bottom feeder” on corruption that already existed in the world and breaks down why Ivanka is the toughest Trump.

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  • Greg Coogan 5 months ago

    I don’t think any of you have any idea of how much harm the Orange Horror can still do before he is carried out of the White House. Be scared!

  • Semper verum 5 months ago

    Trump’s lies were always second rate,like his hotels and golfcourses,like his family, like his products.
    Everything about him stinks of corruption and grift.

  • KesselRunner606 5 months ago

    If you have a strong stomach, it really is worth a deep dive into the seedier business dealings of Princess Ivanka. Bare in mind, this woman has her own Presidential ambitions, and Trump himself originally wanted _her_ as his running mate.

    Behind the carefully polished, and heavily botoxed exterior, is an almost cartoonishly evil Cruella DeVille caricature. Blood diamonds, human slavery, money laundering, drug barons, private mercenary death squads. It’s like an Eric Van Lustbader novel.

  • chai xiong 5 months ago

    The super rich play by a different rules and live by different laws, it’s us that allows them to do it. Until people stop voting against their own interest, this will continue. We’ll probably never get there though because American’s have been convinced that ‘muh religion’ ‘muh guns’ ‘muh political party!’ is more important than the well being of their family and neighbors.

  • Sergio Spivak 5 months ago

    Trump 2020

  • Maria Dias 5 months ago

    I’m happy to have boring politics back, too!

  • Kit Livsey 5 months ago

    This guy looks like if David Cross went into economics

  • Richard Servello 5 months ago

    He’s saying EXACTLY what I’ve been saying….Trump isn’t even a good villain. He’s so basic that even as a shitty president he conned for money (and not even large sums of it)…not power.

  • monica2343 5 months ago

    It’s called WHITE collar crime for a reason…duh!!🤦..back in the day when you wore a suit with a dress shirt..mainly were of suits like mechanics wear you were poor!

  • Sea Wind 5 months ago

    This is when corruption becomes ingrained in a government. Everyone can start doing malfeasance without any accountability. In some other developed countries, for ex. Canada, if a government official uses the same contractor to pave the driveway for his own home (a minor conflict of interest), he’s fired or forced to resign. It has happened before. Whereas in the US, the conflict of interest committed by 45 and his cabinet officials are gross, and yet they get away with them like nothing has happened – Third world style.

  • Sravani V 5 months ago

    yes! we need to talk more about how terrible ivanka is

  • dick castle 5 months ago

    As soon as Biden is inaugurated the liberals are going back to sleep

  • King Peppy 5 months ago

    Let’s vigilante white collar crimes. We can wear Punisher t-shirts and everything while we arson their homes and spike strip the roads against firetrucks putting out the gated communities on fire

  • charlieknockout 5 months ago

    Wow good interview for late night..

  • Nancy Mesek 5 months ago

    Interesting that there’s ‘no way’ to prosecute money laundering. Hmm

  • Michael C 5 months ago

    That interview was great. But seems to me that with so much dirty money parked here in the U.S. and in the UK, that ought to give us greater leverage over the bad actors abroad. In the past, we’ve frozen, seized and otherwise squeezed these assets via sanctions. We should be doing it much more to influence bad behavior abroad, imho.

  • Mark Chippendale 5 months ago

    He’s definitely a crook – but a pretty Mickey Mouse kind of criminal!!

  • Theodore Lutjen 5 months ago

    It’s so ugly

  • Jody Huston 5 months ago

    Women know Ivanka is dangerous. Men just don’t. Or can’t. Or whatever. Men, please repeat. “No, Ivanka is not going to drop everything and accept my lunch date. Even in the slammer.”

  • Tules G 5 months ago

    He is on point.. I had always believed this… It was by the Grace of God.. that he, DJT is an idiot. Otherwise we would it be SO f… up FORREAL.. He was just a puppet of the Republican/Clan who let him be the Distraction, so they in the back could Do their dirty/corrupt moves.. I had never thought we should be afraid of him, but of what was behind him..


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