Abby Phillip Is Glad Trump’s Unpredictable Press Briefings Are Over

Published on January 22, 2021

Abby Phillip explains her experience covering President Joe Biden’s inauguration, goes over what it was like working as a reporter in Donald Trump’s press conferences and reacts to footage of her being attacked by a lizard on air.

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  • Old Chief 1 month ago

    Seth, time to start a new investigation? Where is Lincoln bust? America deserves to know.

  • Emin Kasan 1 month ago

    Bidens inauguration had the biggest crowd in history. Probably the biggest crowd since Abraham Lincoln.

  • Wolflean 1 month ago

    So, Harvard grad sides with Warren in primary debates against Sanders. Result>”I’m so thrilled to be taking the reins of Inside Politics Sunday”. Yas, Abby certainly is “next-gen CNN.” > on a side note, WTF Seth, her and Sanders on the same show look up crass propaganda.

  • Annie 1 month ago

    I’m ecstatic that there’s no more Trump and lackeys PERIOD!

  • corydoras 1 month ago

    American journalists treat their politicians too lightly. Have a look at the way Australian or British politicians are grilled by journalists.

  • Krissy Gaines 1 month ago

    Omg i never knew that happened to her I love Abby congratulations on your promotion well deserved queen 👑🥳🙌🏿😍

  • brian harris 1 month ago

    Gorgeous!!! Such a bad ass!!! Looking forward to her show.

  • Senica S 1 month ago

    What a pleasant interview.

  • patricia obasanjo 1 month ago

    @lisa turner its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it and is strong enough that it changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

  • Caitlin Briggs 1 month ago

    Glad Abby is getting her own show! She’s one of the best.

  • Yashi Stampedes 1 month ago

    the only reason the Trump admin was so combative is because as we found out they had no plan so they deflected responses as a cover up.

  • kossnfx 1 month ago

    Abby Phillip: “Sen. Sanders, did you say that to Sen. Warren?” Sanders; “No I did not.” Phillip turns to Warren: “Sen. Warren, how did you feel when he said that to you.” Yeah, crack journalist there.

  • Es Ver 1 month ago

    This woman was promoted for showing her overt bias against Bernie Sanders during the debates. No true liberal should be applauding her lack of professionalism.

  • Demanicon 1 month ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Abby smile so much, so nice to see.

  • Blow Gibbs 1 month ago

    TRUMP told them about their fake ass news and they didn’t like it…….

  • Dan Simms 1 month ago

    Her job just got a lot easier, must be nice to not have to tip toe around and insane, lying, narcisist anymore.

  • Dushka Riaz 1 month ago

    She is so beautiful.

  • juan ortiz 1 month ago

    Trump treated press briefings like his stupid reality shows were he insulted and bullied anyone that didn’t kissed his fat ass and only allow those that did (Fox News and racist internet news groups like Stormfront and Newsmax). He didn’t have the maturity to handle criticism, answer real hard questions or facing reality where he wasn’t winning. The man was a utter Diva and spoiled brat that didn’t do his job at all and only wanted to be a king.

  • mikefromwa 1 month ago

    Abby Phillips rocks!

  • david hoyles 1 month ago

    scripted Q and A is definitely predictable


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