A Twitter Troll Tried To Frame Robert Mueller

Published on November 1, 2018

If you think Surefire Intelligence, the company accusing Robert Mueller of sexual harassment, sounds like a made-up company… that’s because it definitely is.

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  • ShaDevil07 3 years ago

    Hopefully this gives Mueller the motivation to push the investigation even quicker..

  • camelshit 3 years ago

    Well then, I’ll just post this here old story of mine again…

    ” Once upon a time in a far far faraway land, there was a big, foul, obese dragon called Trumputrid. Trumputrid had become so obese because it gorged itself tremendously on the adulation and cheering of its fawning little cult of subjects. And all the while its already unwholesome brain was turning even more corrupt due to too much power. Trumputrid had, sadly, taken hostage the fair Princess Earth. Every day it tormented her, prodding her with its small, dainty but oh so depraved talons, and it also gleefully contaminated her air with its putrid breath, turning her very skin parched and her hair brittle. As if that wasn’t enough, the deranged dragon bragged about being able to create what it called “Fire and Fury”: if it were to breathe fire onto its own farts, something the hapless Princess hoped to never behold; she had never ever before witnessed farts as enormously explosive as those of Trumputrid the dragon, and she wanted intensely for them to remain unlit.

    Yet another favorite obsession of the dragon, was to concoct all sorts of shady deals with the hierarchy of a land ruled by a figure even more sinister than itself; Poo Thingy the macho bear. Trumputrid had a dream; it wanted Poo Thingy to be its best friend. Hence the relentless attempts to ingratiate itself with the frigid bear, who observed its silly antics and the frenetic bartering from a comfortable distance, quietly aloof and coldly amused. No one knew exactly what was going on in these unsavory dealings, but no one doubted that there were much golden coins, golden loot, golden towers, golden treasures, golden.. well, you name it, involved.
    And no rational mind really doubted that Poo Thingy was maneuvering it all to its own gain, wrapping the gullible dragon around its little claw.
    Ensuring its sway over Trumputrid.
    Ensuring, ultimately, its dominion over the land hitherto ruled by the dragon. The same land in which lay the Village of Juesai.

    Woe! Woe to all..

    But then, one fair day, there came a brave Knight, Mueller was his name. A hardened and shrewd fellow, he had assiduously studied the crooked ways, the sly methods, of the lethargic dragon Trumputrid. Now, mounted on his proud stallion Mandate, firmly clasping the mighty sword Inquest, Knight Mueller charged fiercely at the bloated abomination.

    Something else was happening, something unforeseen. On the ridge of a hill just out of sight from the dragon’s Tower, there painted itself against the murky sky an outline of pitchforks and torches. It was the people of the Village of Juesai. There had among them been heard rumors of devious traps being set against the brave Knight, put in place by sneaky underlings of the dragon. Some also whispered about the ancient lore on the dragon, of predictions believed now to be dangerously near fulfillment; it was said Trumputrid’s ever swelling ego would one day explode, causing an inferno, or that Trumputrid would grow more and more unhinged until in a tantrum it would erupt in violent, world engulfing flames from both front and rear. ‘Fire and Fury’, they whispered, ‘the days of Fire and Fury are upon us’.
    Alas; the signs were many and clear.
    It was not their wont to take to arms, but now desperation and anger took the upper hand amongst the village people. The oppression, the madness and the sheer moral corruption of Trumputrid’s odious reign were being felt stronger and stronger, and with the added threat of Poo Thingy looming over it all, they feared a dystopian future for their children, if any future at all, were they not to take action.

    And thus it was that the good people of Juesai found themselves, grim faced, pitchforks held high, the light of torches guiding their steps, on the heels of the brave Knight Mueller, at the foot of the dreadful Tower that shone with a sickly golden hue in the dusk…..”

  • Sacchi 3 years ago

    1:57 – Surefire Intelligence by Rudy Giuliani.
    “Intelligence isn’t intelligence”.

  • Golf Foxtrot Yankee 3 years ago

    Jacob once tweeted “nuke Iran” and also worked at The Sunglass Hut. I tweeted a picture of him in his work uniform and a pic of his tweet and he blocked me. ?

  • Matthew Snider 3 years ago

    That a hardcore conservative/Trump supporter would even try to generate outrage (over utterly fabricated material, no less) in relation to sexual misconduct and assault in the wake of the more or less complete whitewashing of Brett Kavanaugh and the overt denigration and character attacks against Dr. Ford is the height of disgusting, contemptible hypocrisy and irony.

  • Golf Foxtrot Yankee 3 years ago

    This kid is just hoping for a pardon for himself as he is looking at charges having to do with the hedge fund he was managing.
    Now the FBI is investigating him for this too?
    He’s gonna need 2 pardons.

  • Ryan Smith 3 years ago

    Jacob Wohl: Moron of the month; clown of the century.

  • Solomon Twiggs 3 years ago

    Good lord. Wohl’s whole con game sounds like one long sad trombone.

  • Tinice Copeland 3 years ago

    I just admire Stephen’s sarcasm BRILLIANT.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 3 years ago

    Jacob Wohl’s version of being a Criminal Mastermind turns out to be one of America’s Dumbest Criminals, as head of Misfire Intelligence.

  • Kevin Sullivan 3 years ago

    The fact that he’s a trump supporter shows he’s a moron. The rest is icing on the cake.

  • Sacchi 3 years ago

    Trumps are so used to manipulation, that why they fear one day someone will falsely accuse them, like they do falsely accuse others. #birtherMelania

  • Omotola A.Lawal 3 years ago

    Very Sad, Our men are not safe!! Turns out idiotic Trumpists are the ones literally paying women to claim sexual assault on them. i’d like to see Trump about this..and those two men behind bars for this effort to stain a great man’s image. Robert Mueller must be onto something if this is what they have left.

  • Soraw Y 3 years ago

    I’m high by noon and I still don’t believe that shit

  • LeeTravius Mckay 3 years ago

    “I never heard the man talk” ??????????

  • Action Hiro 3 years ago

    Trump is a narcissistic Villain
    Mueller is America’s Super Hero

    Trump is looking for Kryptonite but all he finds is painted rocks

  • LispyLeaf 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for amazing video?

  • Dave S 3 years ago

    haha YES, i was so disappointed when Colbert didnt mention this on the previous episode, glad he addressed it today!
    btw I’m not saying Jacob Wohl is guilty. I’m saying his Mom thinks he’s guilty.

  • ElmerFuddGun 3 years ago

    Mueller’s picture will be hung with pride in every country except Russia! Putin will be… _sad._ – 0:33

  • moarsaur 3 years ago

    Conspiracy theorists attempting a conspiracy are as self-debunking as white supremacists trying to look superior. Their own existence is the best argument against their point of view.


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