A Twitter Bill to Swallow

Published on September 7, 2018

Conservatives believe they are being silenced by Twitter through shadow bans. They learned about the conspiracy to shut them out of Twitter….on Twitter.


  • Vader Minion 7 months ago

    This show is like painkillers to help me through the Trump pain….

  • John McLeod 7 months ago

    I am so glad you’re back, sir

  • LibHunk 7 months ago

    Twitter should not ban Trump’s account Coz this is the only way we know he is a Buffoon. Fully Uncut and Unplugged.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 7 months ago

    Alexey Jonevich thinks he is famous.

  • DarthCruciare87 7 months ago

    Damn, Stephen, you are really stepping up your game. This entire bit was hilarious from start to finish. I don’t think I stopped laughing once. I cannot believe that auctioneer bit actually happened, my God, that was poetry in motion.

  • Ranger alpha 7 months ago

    Alex Jones is such a clown and a fraud.

  • Kim Jong Fun 7 months ago

    Alex Jones has said lots of horrible things about transgender people, yet the guy recently got caught watching transgender porn on his own phone, seems like the gay frogs have finally got him.

  • MLG HELP 7 months ago

    Steven imitating Alex Jones…his voice😃…AWESOME! Sounds a little like Wrestlemania. LOL!😅

  • Matthew Snider 7 months ago

    I feel like a lot of the far-right whingers who falsely claim that “conservative views are being silenced” fail to understand that free speech is not the same as equal time or attention, nor does it mean you can repeatedly breach a private company’s user-guidelines and face no consequences. Also, they must not actually look at the comment sections of social media sites, because the “MAGA” crowd (and all their ironic snowflake behavior) is manifold (though always towing the same tired, nonsensical tripe).

  • KingOfMadCows 7 months ago

    You never heard of Alex Jones? He’s the most famous crisis actor in the world.

  • James Jumper 7 months ago

    Billy Long. Not a mere talker, but a man of auction!

  • ryan griffiths 7 months ago

    Lol Alex who???? Go back to your mom’s basement Alex! No one knows you anymore 😂

  • EllatheYordle 7 months ago

    shortly after harassing Rubio, Alex tried to sell him supplements..

  • Slaughter House 5 7 months ago

    And…SOLD!!! 🔨 To Alex’s horrible girlfriend in the back!!!

  • CloudsGirl7 7 months ago

    Rubio should have slugged him. He’d go down like the sack of lies that he is. And he would cry like a gay frog.

    (With apologies to gays, frogs, and gay frogs.)

  • New Message 7 months ago

    Steve Bannon *IS* a shadow. A 320lb shadow.

  • Eduardo Villagomez 7 months ago

    Conservatives relationship with corporations is weird. So you’re telling me corporations don’t have to pay their employees a minimum wage, they shouldn’t be regulated, and they’re allowed to pour billions into lobbying, but GOD FORBID THEY DON’T LET YOU USE THEIR PRIVATE PLATFORM TO SPOUT NONSENSE INTO THE ETHER, THAT’S YOUR GODDAMN RIGHT! Sounds like entitlement to me, but whatever, I guess.

  • Jansen Ravioli 7 months ago

    Real life Humpy dumpty. Credit to that guy. That auction call to silence the protester was HILARIOUS. Best way I’ve ever seen someone silenced.

  • Sebastian Elytron 7 months ago

    Alex Jones is the only person I can think of who rivals Trump in idiocy🤔


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