A Trump Advisor Says Only God Prevents The Flu

Published on February 10, 2018

Gloria Copeland, a member of Trump’s evangelical advisory board, says that God is the reason for the (flu) season.

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  • alejandro L. 12 months ago

    People keep getting divided, and the politicians are laughing at it

  • Viper 47 12 months ago

    I swear one of Gloria’s eyes is higher than the other.

  • Jerricola 12 months ago

    We’re getting to some real middle ages medicine shit, the power of prayer will heal you. If that doesn’t work we can try leeches, a mixture of pomegranate and lead, or drilling a hole into your head to try and chase the demons out.

  • Kim Jong Fun 12 months ago

    Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool. — Mark Twain

  • orinjayce 12 months ago

    For people who don’t believe in evolution, she and her husband sure do resemble chimps.

  • Mares Fillies 12 months ago

    lmao. Turn the cheek when getting spanked by a porn star.

  • TheReal008Zulu 12 months ago

    So if only God can prevent the flu, then that means the Anti-Vaxxers hate God!!!

  • KingOfMadCows 12 months ago

    This is excellent advice that Trump should definitely listen to. Yes, Mr. Trump, you don’t need a flu shot because you’re protected by god. In fact, god is protecting you from all illnesses, dysentery, syphilis, e.coli, every disease in the world. So eat a cheeseburger with undercooked meat while having unprotected sex with a prostitute in the bed she peed on.

  • Rei 12 months ago

    Yuri on ice is all we need to increase ice skating popularity.

  • zomaarwat9 12 months ago

    Big drop from a great country to a banana republic. What a bunch of braindead religious zealots.

  • Wei Ren Lim 12 months ago

    Someone should check if that fraud has health insurance

  • Alex Landherr 12 months ago

    Philosoraptor: Can God pray to himself/herself?

  • Slutty McTits 12 months ago

    Yuri! On Ice. That is all.

  • Frederiksted St. Croix 12 months ago

    The so-called Jesus is NOT white… You don’t know your History. So phuck you and your white Jesus.

  • The Transgender Android 12 months ago

    Yes, because faith-based healing *always* works and *never* results in children dying and parents being rightfully charged with *neglect.*

  • yashiWinchester 12 months ago

    “I am going to jump. hope I do not fall. Please don’t make me Fa-aa-all . Ok I made it” That got me 😂😂😂
    P.S. The late show God is awesome “Me bless me”

  • Phụng Ngô Hải 12 months ago

    “I can’t go back to prison” – God with serious face

  • Ashley Smith 12 months ago

    I’ve never had the flu, and I have never believed in any God. I must just be special.

  • Lonewolf 1970 12 months ago

    Drumpf’s “spiritual advisors” are just as CORRUPT as he is and they WORSHIP MONEY just as much as Donnie dies.

  • Mr Jee 12 months ago

    The fact that  there even IS an “evangelical advisory board” is beyond silly. Do they also have a “Bad Elf Investigation Buearau”


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