A Tale of Two Hannitys #shorts



  • Iconic Blue 3 years ago

    Is he a penny ?
    He is easy to flip, has two sides and has very little value .

  • William O'Reiler 3 years ago

    He he he, it’s funny because Sean Hannity is unprincipled deceitful filth, chuckle

  • Chrissyce 3 years ago

    Hannity and everyone on FOX lies network needs to be held responsible for every death caused by their lies.

  • SugarQbs 3 years ago

    Just for the record, “natural immunity” is not proven to reliably defend against covid variants (it might, but studies are still pending) whereas the science is much firmer in reporting that vaccination improves defense against variants (it’s not total, but it helps, even if you’ve already had the previous wildtype strain

  • MrChillerNo1 3 years ago

    Its a propaganda network, what did you expect.
    Sounds exactly like Soviet propaganda…

  • Mr 3ppozz 3 years ago

    Hannity should be added to a dictionary as a warning to people… 2 faced backstabbing non reality dishonest blabbermouth that would not be able to speak the truth is it slapped him across the fox studio

  • MLG GAMER 3 years ago

    Hannity: your number one source of flip flopping

  • bill ARAUJO 3 years ago

    Can’t seem to find a place to get a natural immunity test.

  • Mangonel 3 years ago

    Hannity personaly is a chill dude. He is normal and sane. He has freinds in MNM and othets. But when he enters fox news his new Persona or cuz its Fox a Fursona is mad man hannity.
    His acting feels like all a bit to fake tho. Its too exagurated

  • george so___s 3 years ago

    Research and then discard all of it. Probable result? U get covid with all that it entails. And its not pretty.

  • shiv 592 3 years ago

    So he’s exactly like Anthony Fauci

  • jclay6680 3 years ago

    Oh please , keep thinning out the base. !

  • Mike The H 3 years ago

    Um, you’re taking him out of context here my friend!

  • Pierre 3 years ago

    I thought his two sides were greed and dishonesty.

  • McSmacks 3 years ago

    Believing that people should get vaccines, and supporting mandatory vaccination are two different things. While there are lots of reasons why Hannity is a hypocrite, this really isn’t one of them based on the vid.

  • NathaNeil 3 years ago

    What is this video and these comments? His comments make perfect sense. Get the vaccine if you haven’t had covid. Don’t get the vaccine if you ~have~ had covid. Am I missing something here?

  • MrTBoneSF 3 years ago

    “a Cleveland clinic says you don’t”…. Wait. What!? You buried the lead. Forget about debating the vaccine, you have discovered A TALKING BUILDING. Sean, tell us more about this talking building. Is it sentient or is just imitating words like a parrot? Of course, you shouldn’t take medical advice from a random buildings even if they can talk…


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