A Tahini Bit Of Perspective On Politics



  • asiroproductions 3 years ago


  • dan catalin 3 years ago


  • jake7996 3 years ago

    This is why Stephen Colbert is the best

  • Mr. Flawless 3 years ago


  • cedkira 3 years ago

    Fuck clinton. bernie 2016

  • AngusAndBubba 3 years ago

    Sounds like stephen needs to feel the bern

  • pri2x0x 3 years ago

    so troll hahaha

  • SirBauer 3 years ago

    Or maybe talk more about Bernie Sanders. He needs more time in the

  • KingOfMadCows 3 years ago

    I know how to keep Muslims out, using my patent pending bacon visas. Trump
    can also use them to win the support of Christie and Huckabee. I also have
    an idea for scotch infused green cards.

  • Abdullah Moiz 3 years ago

    Colbert is the best on tv right now

  • Best In The Business 3 years ago

    Rand Paul is the only real candidate people! He has sound foreign policy
    and seems to be the only candidate except maybe, Donald Trump, who doesn’t
    want to start a war, with RUSSIA!!!

  • mariokarter13 3 years ago

    When the bottom candidate for the Democrats is polling higher than roughly
    the bottom half of all Republican candidates COMBINED, you may have too
    many candidates.

  • An Evolving Ape 3 years ago

    Stephen, Trump is going to tweet the shit out of ya. LOL! Sanders 2016!

  • fidorover 3 years ago

    FUN FACT: Jeb Bush and Ben Carson have just replaced Ambien & Jack Daniels
    as America’s favorite one-two punch for insomnia.

  • D3LTATRAX 3 years ago

    I’m gonna need some BERN HEAL.

  • same vans 3 years ago

    Do people realise the debate is on the Weekend Star Wars comes out? This
    was certainly done on purpose

  • poison1088 3 years ago

    hahaha sure “Hillary” u mean BERNIE SANDERS!! #feelthebern

  • Penribon 3 years ago

    I want trump to win because I don’t feel safe seeing a middle eastern
    person in public

  • Dan E 3 years ago

    (insert opinionated divisive political youtube comment)

  • Luv Patel 3 years ago

    So this just blows a hole in the theory that CBS has Colbert on a leash to
    make him say only good things about Hilary Clinton.

  • Frank Jay 3 years ago

    I can’t believe a neurosurgeon can sound that retarded. And on top of that,
    he was leading in the polls back there…

  • Bashir Muttawa 3 years ago

    He didn’t say JEB!!!!

  • mugdays 3 years ago

    Muslims get circumcised, too, as do most American Christians, so that
    Jewish joke really misses the mark.

  • Santosh Kr 3 years ago

    Colbert and his puns. He’s fucking obsessed with them!

  • bloggs24 3 years ago

    colbert is so easy on hillary it’s disgusting

  • Steveazencho 3 years ago

    I wished it rain more in la.

  • ChainSaw0751 3 years ago

    I can see this show is failing

  • Rooot Zeeer 3 years ago

    Hamas are not a terrorist group. I have my disagreement with them, but
    they’re not terrorists. They are an elected government of Gaza that is
    defending itself from the Israeli state aggression. Israel is a zionist
    version of ISIS. They’re both self proclaimed Illegal states, and were both
    aided by the USA in some way or another in their life span.

  • VirtualVictory 3 years ago

    Bernie or bust. I’ll vote Trump in the presidential out of spite if he
    doesn’t get the nominee.

  • zev piro 3 years ago

    lmao some great middle eastern puns ???

  • Manoj Kumar 3 years ago

    I’m so glad finally Colbert points out the BS in Democratic Debates!!
    Colbert is back!!!!!

  • Sonny Salvador 3 years ago

    Donald !
    It is official, you are an asshole, the whole world is talking about it ;)

  • Seth Hydra 3 years ago

    I understood those references and Puns…

  • Jon Kleis 3 years ago

    Colbert, you’re a straight mother-frenching sell out, too. All anyone is
    talking about on the democratic side is Bernie, and you never acknowledge
    that shit on your show. You continue to refer to rigged b.s. polls from
    news networks owned by the same handlers Clinton is. Grow a pair and feel
    the Bern. Yes, that was meant to be slightly erotic…

  • Amethyst Mavis Chan 3 years ago

    Wtffffff!!!!! He put marco rubio in the box instead of bernie sanders!!!!!
    What the actual fuckkkkkkkkkk????????? omg seriously stephen….

  • Uncl Dolan 3 years ago


  • HoanTraker11 3 years ago

    Oh, how I wish the media coverage that Trump gets would shift to Bernie
    Sanders, even for just a day.

  • Lucifer 3 years ago

    When will Stephen talk about Bernie

  • Darryl Tong 3 years ago

    I Fucking love his puns man! GOD HE’S AWESOME!

  • ravenofhope 3 years ago

    Star Wars comes out on the 18th. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Lynn Guery 3 years ago

    I love Stephen…LMBO when he fell asleep just mentioning Jeb Busch

  • Muhis Yare 3 years ago

    Hamas lol

  • Morel Mackernasey 3 years ago

    Ignoring Bernie as usual.

  • Vion Innamorata 3 years ago

    I don’t like the possible outcome, but I’m calling it now. Hillary wins on
    account that she’s the one candidate that Congress could easily manipulate.

  • Conner Broeker 3 years ago

    Do they realize that he said temporarily ban the musilm

  • xXAlexBulletKillXx 3 years ago

    Stephen should give Bernie more publicity.

  • RMJungleBerry 3 years ago

    Bernie’s policies would actually be better for women than Hilary’s. Bernie
    is far more progressive on socialist issues than Hilary, which is important
    because poverty effects women more than men, especially single mothers.
    Hilary will be good for rich, white women and virtually no one else.

  • popcornfralla 3 years ago

    White people can be muslim too :P

  • jackstorm777 3 years ago

    58%?? Really? Does anyone else have a really hard time believing that 58%
    of democrats support Clinton over Sanders?

  • MnMPryoBanana 3 years ago

    Colbert and many other celebrities are paid millions. If Bernie gets
    elected they will lose a large amount of those to taxes. Which is why they
    try their best to give him as little exposure as possible. Which is why the
    few rich people who actually supports Bernie is worthy of respect. For they
    proved they love their country more than money.

  • Kori_no_hime 3 years ago

    #DonaldTrump: Even the Republicans are against him! xD Gosh, this guy is
    seriously the worst shitty excuse of a human ever given the right to wander
    on this planet.<-<''

  • utkarsh sankrityayan 3 years ago

    Trump is an asshole. But don’t let him fool you Stephen, he knows that if
    the frisking thorough enough for Jews, it’s thorough enough for Muslims.

  • Cinematic Gaming 3 years ago

    Jeb! Zzz…

  • Velexia Ombra 3 years ago

    I’m a white American male, Donald Trump’s existence offends me.

  • Olivia Grolton 3 years ago

    Stephen you need to feel the Bern…

  • ChillChannel 3 years ago

    You’re not reporting it right. He’s saying close the country for muslims
    for a little while, until you can figure out how to deal with this muslim
    immigration problem. So that more muslims, and possible terrorists with
    them, could not enter and make the situation even worse. It’s like when
    they found poison in tap water, that by the time already have killed a few
    people, what did the do? They shut down the water completely, cleaned it
    up, turned it back on and everything went back to normal again… You’re
    making a bigger deal out of this, than it already is…

  • William Ross 3 years ago

    Jeb? and Carson walk into a bar. Bartender asks… “What can I…

  • William Ross 3 years ago

    The shenanigans of Wasserman-Shultz and CNN are attempts to undermine our
    Democracy. That’s hardly a Democrat thing to do. Fortunately the people
    have a friend in Colbert who, always hilariously, exposes their nefarious
    behavior. Colbert, I don’t know how we’ll repay you (other than shouting
    “Stephen! Stephen!”) but the Nation owes you one!

  • Yo Mama 3 years ago

    aww he didn’t say Jeb the way I liked it

  • Racist Bassist 3 years ago

    If you ask Clinton supporters why they support her, most will say: “It
    would be nice to have a woman president”. If you think that, fuck you.
    Seriously, fuck you. Just please don’t waste the small amount of brain
    energy you have on voting.

  • Google stop it 3 years ago

    “Eyelid advertising opportunity” bahahaha

  • Artemis Steakley-Freeman 3 years ago

    Is it me, or did he go out of his way to not talk about Bernie’s momentum
    or the fact that he’s winning new hampshire? He talked about not knowing
    what to talk about, but still didn’t talk about Bernie.

  • the wforce 3 years ago

    I want to see a montage of Colbert eating random food on his show

  • ccadd30 3 years ago

    Not one mention of candidates of parties not Republican or Democrat. Not
    surprising though working for CBS and being a corporate whore. R or D, 2
    sides of the same coin. U.S is doomed

  • The Plebeian 3 years ago

    There’s a rumor going around that Hillary may have suffered a mini-stroke a
    year ago.

  • KlipKultur5 3 years ago

    Man that second passing out at the end… Colbert is bringing so much
    intelligence and good taste to those late nights. I knew he would totally
    make it!

  • Xanxei 3 years ago

    Trump is like a stupider, less capable Hitler.

  • Fret Millen 3 years ago

    PERSPECTIVE ON POLITICS?!?! People today have no perspective…Stay in your
    boxes and listen to STEPHEN for your own opinion….

  • SailingSeignior 3 years ago

    It amazes me that Fallon and Kimmel do better than Stephen. His writers are
    way more talented, his act is way better, and his interviews are top-notch.
    I think Stephen will be leading in the ratings in no time.

  • K20a3RSX 3 years ago

    Not everyone has to like Bernie Sanders. Personally I feel that he is one
    of the best options of all the candidates, but some of his views (foreign
    policy for example) do not align with the views of most Americans. Blaming
    Colbert for “selling out” or succumbing so corporate motivations is pretty
    insulting to his right to choose his own political opinion and maintain a
    neutral position as a public figure.

  • Luke Collins 3 years ago

    orange pony? I believe you mean “Applejack.”

  • xLegendaryPete 3 years ago

    I tend to not believe the polls that the Media Comes out with because 9
    times out of 10…most of those polls are misleading. And Sander’s is right
    in the fact that the fact Democrats have less debates is only to help out
    Hillary because lets face it…the media are the ones who keep chanting
    “Hillary Hillary hillary!” They are scared that Sanders is an actually
    going to school her and make her look foolish. #feelthebern

  • BartJ583 3 years ago

    Awesome, now do people who think that “Iran” rhymes with “I can” :)

  • Killer Poodles 3 years ago

    NO HILLARY. Vote Bernie.

  • PimpManFan 3 years ago

    #FeelTheBern Colbert!

  • Buenomars 3 years ago

    6:37 Jabba the Hutt…

  • Anthony M. 3 years ago

    Colbert, you no where near big enough to make fun of TRUMP. putz

  • TheFarhangi 3 years ago

    I always knew all the mainstream media represent a continuum of capitalism,
    but before the coverage of Bernie’s presidential nomination, I would’ve
    never guessed how much of capitalist whores the mainstream media are. It
    might be good to, once a while, give themselves a break from constantly
    sucking on corporate dicks and say something for the good of public – you
    know, the public consist of all people who majority of which are not the
    few members of the financial elite.

  • SassyP17 3 years ago

    the writers seem burnt out

  • Xeno Fractal 3 years ago

    They censored the second half of asshole…..wut

  • Donald Oliver 3 years ago


  • Yasmeen HS 3 years ago

    Being a Palestinian muslim, I can confirm that this is the greatest clip
    ever to be published on youtube! Amazing :)

  • Joemygosh 3 years ago

    I was like “oh he’s giving Donald Trump some benefit of the doubt. Directly
    quoting him instead of just saying he wants to ban muslims” then I was like
    “oh never mind”

  • Joemygosh 3 years ago

    Hillary Clinton is harder to find then her emaild

  • Matthew Beecher 3 years ago

    Oh yeah-that’s a great idea-let’s make Hilary speak to smaller crowds so
    she doesn’t feel pressured to try. (And continue to air corporate polls
    that she bought out to publicize). I know the format and general morale of
    a political campaign has always been dicy, but at this point I can’t even
    comprehend what the fuck is happening

  • Anish 318 3 years ago

    I just don’t get why Stephen isn’t highest in the talk show rating. I mean
    Colbert is always funny, entertaining, witty and genuine. The writers are
    certainly much better than Fallon and Kimmel’s, ESPECIALLY Fallon. While
    Jimmy’s goofy and over friendly style is al right at times, it gets
    annoying with his stupid questions and fake laughs. Stephen deserves to be
    more popular than them.

  • thepunkster90x 3 years ago

    Colbert is awesome 


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