A Suspicious Police Shooting in Chicago: The Daily Show

Published on August 12, 2016

After Chicago police fatally shoot an unarmed black man, Trevor suggests ways to prevent more needless killings.

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  • Unique Love 2 years ago


  • Tyler Hacker 2 years ago

    Leave it to Ronny to save the day.

  • Dominique Bass 2 years ago

    Bodycam OFF. Entering Kill Mode

  • S Thomas 2 years ago

    The cops DO have a method of identifying who’s shooting.

    1. They’re supposed to tell “gun”, if you believe there’s a weapon surreptitiously present whether the person has pulled it or not

    2. If the “perp” fires, who whoever responds first, sees it first, recognizes it first is to say “shots fired” (and call it in, but I digress)

    Point is, they are supposed to be communicating, you don’t hear any situationally constructive or otherwise helpful commentary in any of these (not to mention all the other recent videos of death by officer).

    I think THAT says something about what’s going on.

    This references a different video, but speaks to the same issue. The man shot in front of his girlfriend and little girl – that officer should have yelled gun, if he believed the man was going for it. It’s a warning to your partner and the person.

    When your partner fires, you are to, at least, draw and back them up. Homie high-stepped away like Michael Flatley….almost like he was unreasonably surprised that his partner fired on the man. Which is odd considering he was on the same side of the car as the gun. Given his positioning, shouldn’t HE have been well aware of any funny business, if the driver side cop could see “the funny business”?

    Instead, he Michael Flatley’d his way out of there; almost like he didn’t see anything that might have indicated his partner would perceive there to be a threat worth wildly firing over.

  • emma huysman 2 years ago

    Poor ron

  • Samuel Endres 2 years ago

    It is rather frightening to see how casual police is when it comes to shooting in America. I mean, the dude was driving away, fleeing from them with the stolen car. That the police is wildly shooting around in a neighbourhood seems insane to me. There are people that actually could get hurt in the crossfire besides the police themselves. I am from Germany and am glad to know that if someone steals a car and drives away from police our police would never wildly shoot around because of a fricking stolen car. Someone that steals a car doesn’t deserve a death penalty. Some may of course disagree but I assume that I feel a lot safer here than I would ever in America with how easily police is pulling out their weapons.

  • Elias Hankins 2 years ago

    What about an “oink” sounding gun?

  • Matt And Will 2 years ago

    You could put suppressors on police weapons, that would change the sound minimally. But the real issue is a lack of muzzle awareness, probably due to a lack of force on force training.

  • H Mura 2 years ago

    I know this happened 2 years ago, and got it needs to be reported the COP probably did something wrong, BUT, I been watching all your shows Trevor but yet I have not seen you NOT ONCE make fun of the Criminals killing black kids and families in Chicago, or anywhere.
    If a Police officer did something wrong, don’t call it immediately a racist. That’s none sense. INVESTIGATE……A SHITY CORRUPTED COP, GOVERNMENT OR PRIVATE EMPLOYEE not necessarily have to be RACIST to act unfairly against another person.

    I am Puertorrican, and I don’t like to be around Puertorricans. That does make a racist, oh wait it does not count because I’m from PR.

    In PR a COP involved in a shooting of a person of any color is not called a racist. The last thing on anyone’s mind is that the persons’ skin color was a factor. #2 black, white, orange or green nobody cares…. Nobody Trevor, you know why Trevor because down in the Island of PR we don’t classify people by color. and maybe you think, well PR’s didn’t have slaves or any issues like we did in the US. WRONG. we did, but we as a country, nation, Pais, we learned from it and moved on to live as one family, PUERTORRIQUE~OS. Between The Spanians, Hollands and, Englands they annihilated the Natives PR., but you don’t see us protesting for something that happened f^$%^&%^ more than 100 years ago. WHY SHOULD WE? FOR WHAT PURPOSE< WE CANT GO BACK, WHY MAKE ENEMIES WITH PEOPLE DONT EVEN EXISTED. NO SENSE. BUT here is the US, we don't want to move on... something like this happens and immediately is called a RACIAL issue because is what bring the numbers, an audience to your program TREVOR. The reality is that this type of incidents surrounding the shootings are not going to stop, but calling every shootout between a white COP and a Black person a racial issue is none sense. When is going to stop Trevor? Should the police departments stop hiring White COPS, and the once already in, should they make them supervisors and office personnel not allowed to work on the streets. Maybe that's the solution RIGHT, because if we do that, then maybe the killings of Black Americans will Stop, right TREVOR! As long this Bullshit of color classification and programs like your exists, where the priority and the agenda are to continue creating an environment of segregation this is not going to end. And let me make it clear, I'm not talking about ignoring crimes, or-or not covering the story, BUT if you are going to report about a suspicious shooting, let's do it all the time. Unless of course you and your staff don't care about any other groups.

  • N.C.R. trooper 2 years ago

    They can use suppressor

  • Emanuel H 2 years ago

    He shouldn’t have stolen a vehicle and he wouldn’t be dead now

  • Emanuel H 2 years ago

    This is Trevor Noah dude is a racist

  • Muffin Button 2 years ago

    3:20 That’s what cause the Boston Massacre.

  • Alex R Markland 2 years ago

    Maybe make cameras that aren’t able to be turned off by the police officers.

  • xpradaGx 2 years ago

    Turning the body cam off is police code word for “imma kill dis nigga”.

  • MJ Steward 2 years ago

    Just make it impossible to turn them off when they aren’t checked in

  • Spots Zuniga 2 years ago

    Heyy I actually thought the duck sound for gun shoots until you said it

  • Deadly Mix Productions 2 years ago

    I dont know about unique enough sounding rounds for police to identify friendly-fire BUT tracer rounds give a trail of colored light when fired. I’m pretty sure they were invented specifically for that purpose for the military.

  • Dave Cee 2 years ago

    But…he stole a car.

  • g gomez 2 years ago

    this was made august 2016. its now november 2018. theres been plenty of bodycam videos showing cops turning off their bodycam cameras to frame innocent people only to realize they shut em off on purpose unsuccessfully, how are we supposed to trust them? how are we supposed to feel safe? it should be a felony for cops to turn/take off their bodycams/dashcams at anytime during their shifts because many peoples lives get ruined because of it


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