A Super Bowl Halftime Poem | Full Frontal on TBS



  • Marissa (maroosk) 7 months ago

    I guess a pink jacket!

  • Bottle Aire 7 months ago

    Notice the increase in troll activity in the replies. Compromised GOP Trumpsuckers ask that you believe this is an organic movement. Sure, it’s the same projected BS like THE BIG LIE, but we’re that dumb right?
    No one would troll up the web to trend the appearance of support. And no one ever heard of the Kardashians, or know it’s the same marketing algos that… Oh, yeah. We’re too dumb to know what a food blogger knew ten years ago would game google.

  • Barbara C 7 months ago

    Ha ha, thanks Sam, loved the poem. I relate!

  • wesley rodgers 7 months ago

    A fellow poet!. Great stanza!. My dream poem?.
    Koalas and kittens wrestling in cream, a tap dancing dachshund whistling the Spider-Man theme, an old circus flea who juggles and sings, pacifist wasps with corks on their stings, a grumpy old grizzly doing striptease, hippos with custard smeared on their knees, rows of crows chanting rude rugby songs, gibbons in ribbons and tie dyed sarongs, squirrels in tutus’ and bikini clad bees, yodeling chimps painting faces on peas. I’ll stop there and leave out the weird stuff.

  • Jeff Schultz 7 months ago

    Love You.
    Get it girl.

  • Sara Pitts 7 months ago

    Is this really supposed to be funny? Wow…

  • erik lapidus 7 months ago

    I watch so much Sam bee and John Oliver that whenever I turn on auto play I just get depressed about voter suppression

  • sanjuansteve 7 months ago

    The NFL chose the wrong side of a white supremacist civil war… #iStandWithKaepernick #NaziCoup #ChristianCoup #FascistCoup #RepublicanCoup

  • Katherine Hancocks 7 months ago

    I don’t agree with everything you say and I do not believe everything you do is funny….

    But hands down you are THE BEST AND FUNNIEST at attacking sexist males!

    I LIVE FOR you making fun of the idiot men in my life….

  • epyisc 7 months ago

    Love ya sam…😁

  • NO PATS JIM 7 months ago

    Samantha=she is beautiful Goddess!

  • Julio Perez 7 months ago


  • Gary Cooper 7 months ago

    I’d rather listen to this than anything about the Super Bowl.

  • Rocky Slope 7 months ago

    A poem about what you think about when you sleep isn’t quite the same thing as Amanda Gorman’s dream to someday be president instead of reciting a poem for another old white guy, but nice try nonetheless 🛌💤😴

  • M L 7 months ago

    …goes to show you, no matter how much you achieve all some people will see is your body… so, congratulations?

  • batgurrl 7 months ago

    Why am I always making out with old school Captain Kirk?
    Who wouldn’t?🖖

  • Liche Christ 7 months ago

    Gorman’s poem was inspiring but, what was ‘model-ish’ about her?

  • James Denny 7 months ago

    Give it about a month or two Samantha, then look for your modeling contract… if I could I’d give you one 😘💯👍

  • Devon Knobel 7 months ago

    I love you lady – stay awesome out there<3.

  • Claiming Light 7 months ago

    I don’t understand what the big deal about the poem was! It was just adolescent idealism. But at the end of a presidency for a sociopath, in the middle of a pandemic, after an insurgent riot.


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