A ‘Stars Wars’ Trailer To Piss Off Hateful Fanboys

Published on June 9, 2018

There’s a special new ‘Star Wars’ movie for all the angry fans whose racist, misogyny led ‘Last Jedi’ actress Kelly Marie Tran to leave Instagram.


  • Andrew Park 9 months ago

    In b4 triggered Star Wars fanboys

  • MCThr33pio 9 months ago

    I’d watch it.

  • Tom __ 9 months ago

    “… teach these fanboys a lesson”

    Whoa there Steven. Those are trolls, and most certainly are not your typical star wars fanboy. Don’t confuse the two.

  • Alexandre Arrivé 9 months ago

    Absolutely golden, but not enough high ground – 9/10

  • Turbid TG1 9 months ago

    Even though I hated The Last Jedi and the character of Rose, it doesn’t give the right for anyone to attack the actress personally.

  • Vlet 9 months ago

    Chewie wasn’t a female wookie? 😱

  • Tacet the Terror 9 months ago

    Trolling the trolls will only lead to more trolls.

  • The Whisperer of Death 9 months ago

    You think if Ahsoka ever got put in a film, racist fan boys would hate her?
    They couldn’t, could they?
    I mean, she’s orange…
    Isn’t that their type?

  • Max Extreme 9 months ago

    It’s sad to that she is getting hate. It’s not really the actress fault for having a pointless character that barely had an impact in the movie, if anyone should be getting hate it’s Rian Johnson who directed and wrote the movie.

  • Worf 9 months ago

    Some people are literally too dumb to separate a character they don’t like from the actor playing it. The actors who played Skyler and Joffrey received a lot of hate too, for example.

  • J B 9 months ago

    Fuck fanboys.

  • Imrahil 9 months ago

    So, has it actually been confirmed that she left because of bullying? Last I heard the “news” she left for bullying came from an unverified self identified fan.

  • SliverTheSpoony01 9 months ago

    Everything was great till you reminded me GB16 exists. It has nothing to do with their gender. Ghostbusters 2016 was poorly written and a total slap in the face to OGB fans.

    They f***ing killed Bill Murry after making him the new Walter Peck!

    Well Zombieland killed him to but that’s beside the point!

  • Mr. Fox 9 months ago

    i wish to see these haters acting, i bet they would fail badly. Some might dont like Rose character but i think it was fun character and the actress did really amazing job !

  • Frank Baumann 9 months ago

    It’s really despicable what some people do, but most of the dislike and annoyance with TLJ (or the Ghostbusters remake, since it was mentioned) has nothing to do with the female actresses. It’s the terribly written characters and scripts that enrage the fans. And if you’re pushing all the critical fans into the women hating/racism corner, you’re not helping your movie, best example being Sony’s handling of the Ghostbusters promotion. And don’t try to telling us that you’re the first putting strong female characters into movies. I grew up with the likes of Leia, Ripley and Sarah Connor. Those were infinitely better than what they’re giving as now.

  • Teh_D3th_St4r 9 months ago

    Been a Star Wars fan for 30+ years, and I know of these broken hateful dweebs… they send me death threats because I actually like “The Last Jedi” and “Solo”

  • Nathan Frantz 9 months ago

    For the life of me I can’t see why SW fans hate the last Jedi so much. Personally it’s my favorite in the series

  • The Devil's Dragon 9 months ago

    She’s a great actor and a fine person by all accounts, its just that Rose kinda sucked as a character & her love interest was utterly unconvincing.

  • Zip Draw 9 months ago

    She seems like a nice actress and a wonderful person. Unfortunately, her character wasn’t great, at all. Still no reason to bully and troll her.

  • kasra khatir 9 months ago

    I hated The Last Jedi and her character but it isn’t the Actresses fault that the movie and her part sucked


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