A Star Witness Was Born in Michigan Thanks to Rudy

Published on December 4, 2020

James Corden kicks off the show and admits he’s a bit freaked out about his lack of Christmas shopping to this point. After, he looks at the headlines, notably Rudy Guiliani heading to Michigan in the latest chapter of the election fight for President Donald Trump. But Rudy’s star witness Melissa Carone stole the show with her antics. And James bravely declares he’s willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine on television with former presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama.

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  • markguerinnn 2 years ago

    I absolutely love the style of how the show is filmed. It’s so loose and the banter between James to the Band, Ian, Rob, Susan, occasionally Ben over the loudspeaker and the rest of the crew actually makes me love the show just that much more. I wish the YouTube video were a bit longer with less scene cuts to show even more content because I personally think it’s hilarious and could watch it for so much longer. Thank you all for what you do and for finding a way to bring even more laughs and smiles to viewers during the COVID pandemic!

  • Terr 2 years ago

    But wasn’t that Koala from last year?

  • gary hibbert 2 years ago

    bottom of the barrel trump supporter.

  • CK K 2 years ago

    She needs to go before Judge Judy

  • Julie Mounts 2 years ago

    Bat shit crazy.

  • John Duty 2 years ago

    Can we not talk about trump, I’m already sick

  • C A 2 years ago

    You all realize she has signed a sworn affidavit under penalty perjury? Also… you all should look at the state farm arena tapes… pretty F’ing damning and just came out in court. They kicked everybody out. Except 4 workers on video… who then pull suitcases of ballots out from under the table once people leave and count those for the next 2 hours…. while no one is there to supervise. Except thank you for security footage…. Biden only won Georgia by 12000 votes… they cheated and it’s on tape. They cheated all of us and people will now go loot like a bunch of ignorants instead of honoring our constitution that keeps them safe. You all listen to this British bafoon mock us but dont mistake that for reality of the situation

  • Tonia Allen 2 years ago

    What’s on her nose? Looks like suntan lotion

  • germale federico 2 years ago

    Definitely she’s a STAR paid to play the role of a BLATANT LIAR SOAB !

  • Nancy Mesek 2 years ago

    How did James miss the footage of Rudi farting in court?!?

  • old dave 2 years ago

    she didn’t accuse the Senator of anything, she just asked a question,, more fake news from the libs.

  • Quasi Modo 2 years ago

    Bill Gates needs to join the presidents, to shut up the anti vaxers/ BillGate/NWO bull 💩💩💩💩 stories..

  • Ezequiel Orona 2 years ago

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw the news that Rudy farted in the middle of his deposition…. I laughed so hard my side started hurting. I thought I was gonna bust something.. .Rudy and his clown lady ….. I think she wanted to bang the bald republican guy cause Rudy couldn’t get it up…. Then God steps in and makes Rudy fart. Twice.. how cool was that . I just hope trump was watching …. Because if this is all you got left ..you got nothing….. Rudy made my day. Best laugh I’ve had in 4 fucking yrs.. the people you and Rudy despise and hate whipped your ass and you don’t get it….no one’s above the law”.ya hearing me now..”,motherfucker..

  • Kayla Page 2 years ago

    Yeah and let’s just ignore all the other hundreds of witnesses. Let’s just show this one and not look into any of the other fraud. Just as long as we can call the other side crazy and throw out all the legitimate claims! As long as we get what we want we don’t have to find out the truth!

  • Randy Nocturtleman 2 years ago

    There is a tell that is the hallmark of Trump. Blondes. He loves blondes. Virtually every single woman associated with him, is blonde. Melissa Carone is just another example of a Trumpster . Not only do they have to be blonde, they also have to be at least somewhat attractive. Let’s face it, Melissa is not a bad looking girl. She is just bat shit crazy.

  • fheitzer79 2 years ago

    Is that Victoria jackson?

  • Lisa Ratley 2 years ago

    I’ve realized there are millions of Americans that do not recognize insanity when they see it. A drunk lady from Michigan and a ghost hunter that are obviously (to me anyway) unstable and disassembling before our eyes, slip right past so many Republicans….

  • Matthew Morris 2 years ago

    He missed the part when Rudy actually farted twice the committee meeting. Man, it was hilarious.

  • sean Greg 2 years ago

    Nosferatu’s newest #1 Trombie Bimbo witness !!!!

  • John Luehrs 2 years ago

    More car pool karaoke


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