A School District’s Defense: Mini Baseball Bats

Published on April 14, 2018

Mini bats to fend off assailants: an idea so crazy that it just might definitely not work. While it’s important to shine a new approaches to preventing guns in schools, it can be equally educational to shed a light on techniques that definitely won’t work.

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  • Ray Banner 11 months ago

    While we’re at it, why not equip the teachers with slingshots? That’ll scare the shooter’s away.

  • Alan Arun Mavath 11 months ago

    Let’s take a moment for the people who are going to get hurt because the assailant had paper

  • Kim Jong Fun 11 months ago

    Every American school should have a Donald Trump clone to protect them, he can take on any mass shooter with his bare tiny hands.

  • SomeGuyNamedKeith 11 months ago

    “Into this school you will not be, unless thy answer me riddles three!” I guess no one is getting in then. That’s how good security is! Lol

  • KingOfMadCows 11 months ago

    I think they misunderstood the suggestion to have Batman protect schools.

  • ernesto garcia 11 months ago

    Ever hear the saying about bring a knife to a gun fight, well a bat is even worse.

  • pouting monkey 11 months ago

    The only solution here is gun control.

  • Viet Nguyen 11 months ago

    Those two schools should team up for sports – baseball rocks, or baserocks?

  • Noah Mesdag 11 months ago

    Those bats barely look big enough in the hands of Trump!!

  • Michael Williams 11 months ago

    nice Riddles in the Dark reference snuck in there

  • jessec103 11 months ago

    I like John, but Stephen really needs a better sidekick.

  • alearnedman 11 months ago

    Stephen sneaks in another Tolkien reference.

  • Jim Naylor 11 months ago

    They armed kids in Pennsylvania with a bucket of rocks? They have rocks in their head. Hope the kids take them home as ‘pet rocks’. They can show their grandchildren how their school district protected them from shooters back in 2018.

  • Helen Wang 11 months ago

    …wow, just…wow.

  • TheVideoGamingChannel 11 months ago


  • Sven Tempest 11 months ago

    I’d like to think the districts that suggested the mini-bats and the bucket of rocks were making a point. You know, _”look how stupid these ideas are, gun control* is the only real solution.”_ Sadly I fear that is giving too much credit…

    *Control is the key word here. So stop with the impotent rage fueled reply, Mr. DudeWithGunsAndAVeryBigDick69, nobody wants to steal your manhood. They just want to put some reasonable restrictions on it, because it’s so big and powerful.

  • Marc Wittkowski 11 months ago

    That was not a baboon, but a mandrill.

  • Mr. Queasy 11 months ago

    America on the military: only the best will do! No spending cuts!
    American schools: idk throw arock at him, hit em with the Fisher Price bat we gave you.

  • John Ishmael 11 months ago

    You know when your countries a failure at basic education, security and over all logic when you have to arm your teachers… And whats worst is with freaking baseball bats! And whats extra worst is that these bats are freaking small!! What the actual fuck America!? Even 3rd world countries dont resort to this batshit insane ideas.

    Just go with the freaking gun control already cuz if you think your country is gonna martial law the shit out of your rights? A gun cant shoot down a fucking UCAV thats gonna hellfire missile the shit out of your families cuz basically, thats what the US’s underhanded tactics are these days.

    I call unmanned drones “robots controled by pussies holding joysticks like their dicks”.


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