“A Relic Of The Old South” – Jaime Harrison On Sen. Lindsey Graham

Published on October 29, 2020

Jaime Harrison is running for Senate in South Carolina and he believes that by electing him to replace Lindsey Graham, South Carolina can write a brand new history for the South. #Colbert #JaimeHarrison #Election2020

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  • BoseEinstein7 3 years ago

    Slimy Graham is a swamp creature created by Mitch McTurtle as the source of the GOP swamp.

  • H 3 years ago

    Vote 4 JAMIE

  • cmaldz 3 years ago

    I hope he wins.

  • Smruti Rekha 3 years ago

    God, he is charismatic!! Educated, charming, forceful in his speech. Knows what he’s talking about. Definitely President material down the line!

  • Jeanine P 3 years ago

    Excellent interview and respective way to share how the Graham that people did support in the past is not the same man today. The history of South Carolina can change as people realize the 21st century is about unity and truth. Graham brings with hiim 25 years of damage to his state. His word means nothing as he lies to Americans, he can no longer be trusted to represent the good people of S.C. Jamie will bring hope and begin a new future. Vote blue.

  • Go Getter 3 years ago

    Lindsay G. is a racist he said he missed the “good ole days of segregation”

  • Simon Wilson 3 years ago

    Jaime Harrison is fine and smart and compassionate. I would love to see him win.

  • dimsoneill 3 years ago

    A strong candidate there!

  • Dr. G 3 years ago

    South Carolina could be the first state to ever have two black senators.

  • gypsymama 3 years ago

    LOVE Jaime Harrison!! Like Stephen, he gives me hope for our nation! 5 days, people!! VOTE! <3

  • Rob D 3 years ago

    All the late night shows should have to put disclaimers on the screen that say they are affiliated with the Democrat Party. They are all identical.

  • Michael Heider 3 years ago

    Im for Trump. Linsey and McConnell have to go.
    Vote out no can do politicians. All talk no action.

  • Johnny 3 years ago

    2:30 “this only happens in this great nation”
    Yes, because in other developed countries your grandparents would have been the ones that break out of poverty. The amount of social dumping in the USA is incredible. It is imperative to kick Republicans out of power and invest in the poorest communities

  • Skyler Johnson 3 years ago

    Vote Blue!!!


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