“A Poverty Of Empathy” – Sen. Cory Booker On America’s Failure To Address Racism In Policing

Published on January 19, 2021

In the second part of his conversation with Stephen Colbert, Senator Cory Booker touches on the ways America has failed to deal with deeply entrenched racial bias, particularly in law enforcement. #Colbert #SenatorBooker #CoryBooker

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  • Kim 3 years ago

    Please, someone clue me in. What was he talking about at the end about whom he is dating?

  • CP368 Productions 3 years ago

    They renamed Lafayette Square? That’s just plain wrong, if you want a BLM Plaza, make another one.

  • Rest Rest 3 years ago

    Yes this election is stolen! Trump is the winner

  • Carsten Nielsen 3 years ago

    This is so crazy, and he is not going to stop.
    the trumpetClownVirus said so himself the day after.
    “To all my amazing followers…. we will not give up……
    I want to ensure you, it is just the beginning….”
    So you must put a FULL STOP sign and inwoke the 25th amendent on the grand wizard of the republiKKKlan Kult, and make him and his HEARTLESS Zombies and NAZI enablers responseably, acountably and take consequence of their heanious and deadly crimes…….

  • Carsten Nielsen 3 years ago

    Anybody who was inside the Capitol comited a crime and should be prosecuted
    And the 25th amendent should be ewoked on the head of the snake, the grand wizard of the republiKKKlan Cult, the trumpetClown EMEDIATELY.
    His List of pardon is growing STOP HIM NOW!

  • Carsten Nielsen 3 years ago

    the trumpetClown was directly involved in the riot, je insigated the insurrection, he has american blood on his hands….

  • Musa Nziramasanga 3 years ago

    use the force my guy

  • Phil West 3 years ago

    Voting against anti-lynching law? In 2021, anywhere in the world? I truly can not believe this!!!! And yet white “boogaloos”?? in Michigan can threaten to kidnap and possibly assassinate the Governor, while the rioters at the Capitol chanted “Kill Mike Pence”.

    Hey America, WTF?

  • E LB 3 years ago

    pardon ALL non violent drug offenders, come on trump, it’s your 11th hour hail mary

  • Mark Pfeffer 3 years ago

    Gfd My gf and I LOVE Booker. Literally anyone who disagrees with him is a racist, fact.

  • Kcolop is-Polockbackwards 3 years ago

    These are all outstanding interviews but, am I the only one who would like to hear a reTrumplican attempt to justify their position(s)? Personally, I’m bewildered that any intelligent person can take the stances these folks have taken, but there are 70million of them out there, led by the idiots at FOX-n-fiends, several reTrumplican senators (Cruz, Graham, etc), and it really bothers me that people VOTED INTO OFFICE can take their positions, and I’d like to hear a super-interviewer get some answers OR see a network get some kind of controlled debate set up so we can get some answers and (maybe) some insight. Or, am I way off base?

  • michael inkrote 3 years ago

    He needs to rethink his views on vaping nicotine as harm reduction. The science is in, watch “You Don’t Know Nicotine” and educate yourself. Listen to those who have smoked most of their lives and quit on the first day that they picked up a flavored electronic nicotine delivery system. It will save half a million Americans per year. In NJ, we can ruin our lives by gambling, we can get alcohol in ice cream and seltzer in flavors BUT flavored nicotine (equal to caffeine) is too far.?

  • Peggy Gibbons 3 years ago

    I could not him MORE!!

  • Nancy Cornett 3 years ago

    Thank you senator booker!

  • Husky Dushpadadushdushdush 3 years ago

    It’s good ol’ American gluttony of apathy


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