“A Political Show Masquerading As A Food Show” – Padma Lakshmi On “Taste The Nation”

Published on June 10, 2021

Padma Lakshmi and Stephen crash the Late Show office kitchen to cook up some calamari and chat about her Hulu show, “Taste The Nation.” #Colbert #TasteTheNation #PadmaLakshmi

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  • El Bee 3 years ago

    First we add fruit… there’s fruit in the pitcher, just fruit… next we add a whole bottle of white wine, and…. MOVIE MAGIC, star anise and cinnamon sticks are in the pitcher… seems really weird to just leave out the ingredients, steps-calamari, too, especially on a web video where we don’t have time constraints. It also feels like more than a little fruit fell flat on the counter in this segment. The mood seems weird and she… just seems really impatient and unhappy to be there. I think Babish or Sonja (Sonya? not totally sure) would be way more compatible w/his personality.

  • Jeigh Neither 3 years ago

    Calamari lost it’s appeal to me after “My Octopus Teacher” lol

  • FAREEN HASSAN 3 years ago

    Hilarious!!! Padma’s looks like she wants to spank his ass for a second there…. Hee Hee Hee LMAO… Then she just stuffs his big mouth with a spoonful of Calamari, like here shut up you grown and old child.

  • Elena Christian 3 years ago

    Loved the first season.

  • Twizted Transistor 3 years ago

    If you read her bio, this woman has navigated some real tough times in her life. Molested at 7, raped at 16. Accident that almost killed her. Battles with Endometriosis and runs a foundation to support and raise money for many other women suffering from it. Strong & independent single parent too. So yep, lot to admire. I’m sure she has her flaws too. Don’t we all? At least we can appreciate the good one does.

  • Bryce Walburn 3 years ago

    Stephen seriously needs to learn how to act during these cooking segments. He’s always so dismissive and borderline rude to the guest. Pay attention and act like you care!!

  • Will Moore 3 years ago

    Salt is cheating.

  • Jen Po 3 years ago

    Stephen was borderline rude to Padma in this one, esp. asking about her kid and not paying attention to her answer… sad! Padma is great!!

  • The Christicorn 3 years ago

    Everyone knows you don’t order calamari in a restaurant lol it’s almost always going to be swine anus and I’m not joking. How do you not know that come on Stephen????

  • nicco mensch 3 years ago

    Sorry Stephen I love your show but I can’t watch segments with Padma because she’s so beautiful it hurts my brain, eyes, and heart. For realz yo. Ever since she was a judge on Top Chef. Padma you are the most beautiful woman the earth has ever seen.

  • John Micheal Kane 3 years ago

    Architeuthes is one of the largest invertebrates as Stephen subtly mentioned.

  • Justin Montalvo 3 years ago

    I would shoot myself in the head if I watched Stephen everyday

  • EDUARDO CUELLAR 3 years ago

    stephen wants to be the central diva so he was jealous of padmas awesome beauty

  • The Mint Leaf The Mint leaf 3 years ago

    Looks like Padma had a facelift. She tries but her Indian accent comes out loud and clear.


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