A Poetry Reading With Helena Bonham Carter And Stephen Colbert

Published on November 20, 2019

Watch as these two poetry lovers perform lines from some of their favorite works. Helena Bonham Carter, star of “The Crown,” quotes from “Celia Celia” by Adrian Mitchell, while our host performs a few lines from his beloved E.E. Cummings.

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  • eddie panedi 9 months ago

    So safe and smug
    in our,
    screaming silence.
    Slipping serenely
    into our
    silent violence.

    It’s never much fun,
    until you have won,
    but we
    all leave
    this world
    blithely burnt
    and shunned
    to travel
    into the beyond
    well done.

    She left me sick,
    as far as I can tell,
    slowly fading
    ensnared by
    her smallest swells.
    Pulled all along,
    dragged deep
    into a heap;
    led to tunnel into
    a desolate stretch
    left unpainted
    and blue.
    Torn like taffy,
    from your visage.
    Your body
    has no faith
    But, your mind
    left a message.

    Fade away blessed,
    triumphantly tingling.
    A sensation
    leaves us
    all interwoven,
    still intermingling,
    in sad repose,
    forever ringing.

    Carved and drawn
    slowly falling out
    from flaking flesh
    filtered throughout
    a delicate sieve
    in delicious distress
    you long to forget.

    In the midst of
    lilac darkness
    you begin anew,
    back to square one
    a lot of miles done
    yet nothing to remember,
    until next November,
    when skies mix into gray,
    and in our slumber
    we have nothing
    to say.

    Our symbiosis
    is atrocious
    as a notion…
    …given to
    pure devotion.
    your words
    writ large,
    and spilled
    like potion…
    trickling slowly
    down deep into a
    bottomless ocean

    Yet, I cannot dismiss
    all of your distress
    flicked everlasting
    onto our
    canvas mess,
    made and laid,
    inspected, dissected
    and introspected.

    Made to be best,
    by the best,
    no less,
    and better
    on all occasion
    for mass persuasion.

    For no truer words
    ring out to find,
    you in the womb
    lying entranced
    resting, protesting,
    looking askance.

    Left lightly consumed,
    you make room
    to bloom,
    into your
    delicate space,
    A race I face,
    moving apace,
    in hurried haste.

    Blinded by starlight,
    searching in tune
    for a golden goon.
    A boon to whom?
    And you left
    me so soon.

    I must conclude,
    as we alight
    onto our brood
    that it would
    be rude
    and lewd
    to end
    fingerless food
    with sad
    and shrewd
    and blued
    still even
    then I remain
    forever in
    the mood.

  • Cay Kay 9 months ago

    these two should start a 30 year letter exchange and then compile everything in a book and publish it. “the american man and the english woman”

  • Tom Will 9 months ago

    Have you ever noticed that the only time Stephen gets to break into poetry or Shakespeare is when people from the UK are on?

  • Jesus Lozada 9 months ago

    When I am sad and weary
    When I think all hope has gone
    When I walk along High Holborn
    I think of you with nothing on

  • Tashika Stover 9 months ago

    Adore her!! ❤️

  • corrections 9 months ago

    And this is something that Jimmy Fallon could never do: recite a e.e cummings poem from memory.

    Ohhhh burn!

  • trisha padilla 9 months ago

    I love her work and her personality! ???

  • Mai Mariarti 9 months ago

    She’s hot.

  • Marius Thefaker 9 months ago

    Most of my favorite poems start with “There once was a man from Nantucket…”

  • Damian Bowyer 9 months ago

    Wow….Celia Celia & Mr. Youse.

  • Heather Oliver 9 months ago

    Shes wonderful

  • Katheryn, Rumi, and Raine Womack 9 months ago

    Best 3:55 minutes on recording. And Lady Jane is my favorite movie ever.

  • john kindon 9 months ago

    Helena is one hell of a person very nice to talk to and boy she is very intelligent and a brilliant actress which most inspire to be when they accomplish fame and fortune.

  • Nicolas 9 months ago

    so you both like naked people, great 😀

  • TakeWhatYouNeed LeaveTheRest 9 months ago

    Her own person.?

  • kateofthecity 9 months ago

    *audience claps*

    Me: “You’re supposed to snap, you uncultured swine.”

  • tony james 9 months ago

    Wasn’t aware Lady Jane Grey was her first role, (Lady Jane), tragic story and she was great in the film.

  • Vaibhav 9 months ago

    Why does this not have subtitles? 🙁

  • Buenomars 9 months ago

    _Celia, Celia_ by Adrian Mitchell (1932 – 2008)

    When I am sad and weary
    When I think all hope has gone
    When I walk along High Holborn
    I think of you with nothing on

  • Uriah Gillespie 9 months ago

    She’s so awesome, she’s like the CReepy Aunt ILF, a CRAILF, if you will.


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