A New COVID Relief Package & Trump’s Plan to Protect His DC Hotel | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on July 28, 2020

Democrats and Republicans duke it out over a new economic relief package for Americans out of jobs due to COVID, while Trump tries to secure his DC hotel’s future through a $1.75 billion FBI funding plan. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump

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  • Lucas Cady 2 years ago

    Isn’t that how Nixon got busted, doing b.s. next to the FBI building???

  • KandyG TV 2 years ago

    We supposedly live in the richest most free country in the world, but we have millionaire politicians coming on tv telling working people they don’t deserve to make more than $600 a week🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Joshua Clougherty 2 years ago

    “An hbo max password and a bag of weed” what do you think those stimulus checks are paying for after rent and food lol

  • TRUMPANZEE HUNTER 2 years ago

    THANKS TRUMPANZEES any more great ideas??

  • Etha Robinson 2 years ago

    I can’t believe senators would even consider giving money for a new FBI building right now with so many people losing everything they have… SMH

  • Chris Rockey 2 years ago

    has someone done the math to figure out exactly how much more money people are making with the extra $600? Im curoius what the maximum amount extra a person could be earning

  • Raphael Camacho 2 years ago

    I can’t believe people approve that 600 bonus on unemployment… ask any economist what’s gonna happened if you spend more money that what you have? Is unsustainable! It cost more to us who have to go to work cuz our jobs are essential! Plus, it doesn’t feel right that people doing nothing are getting way more money than us! 200 is good enough on top of the 400 they giving for unemployment already! And it was enough help already to make the unemployment process faster for people!

  • Rizqee Nurhani 2 years ago

    you should pay people to stay home to contain corona. the japanese government implemented this and now they are reopening

  • Almost Human 2 years ago

    we should build a sewage treatment plant across the street from all trump businesses

  • Minoo Poh 2 years ago

    People, Countries should Boycott Trump’s holdings, properties……

  • Mosaic Crone 2 years ago

    I’ve decided to homeschool my child. The petri dish that is trump’s Covid Classroom 2020/2021 is going to kill people

  • haikero dandler 2 years ago

    their was an experiment were they saw how sanitary the trump hotel was and the hotel failed

  • Stretch Shorty 2 years ago

    Here’s an idea 💡, how about the Americans citizens take the money from our politicians? This is our country? We were born here too and allow politicians on both sides to rob American citizens blind. Both parties haven’t done shit for US! White people! It’s white peoples fault America is a shit hole country with resort areas for the rich.

  • michael hinton 2 years ago

    Not to be mean…but Ivanka is busted🤢

  • SchwerMetall154 2 years ago

    Relative to a workweek, $600 a week is $15/hr for a full-time job (given, with no benefits) which isn’t a living wage in most US cities. This $200 means it’s now a $5/hr wage for a full-time workweek, less than minimum wage. Yes, they want you to go back to work and spur up the economy, even if it means you have a heightened chance of dying under pneumonia-esque means and have no workplace benefits to pay for any of it.
    Meanwhile, the rich get richer, and the poor get spat on during the heaviest economic downturn since 1929.

  • Mc Nasty46 2 years ago

    Thts b.s

  • Auntie Pha 2 years ago

    Daily Reminder: Trump called Covid-19 a Democrat hoax that will magically disappear.

  • William French 2 years ago

    During a pandemic absolutely IS when you pay people to stay home. It’s really an easy idea to understand. You need non-essential workers to stay home. Paying them to stay home makes sure they have the money need to survive this. And of course once this is all over you stop paying them, which forces them to go back to work. That’s really simple.


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