A mystic caterpillar makes sense of Kayleigh McEnany’s address

Published on July 8, 2020

A mystic caterpillar tries to make sense of Kayleigh McEnany’s defense of Donald Trump’s tweet criticizing NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 7/8/2020

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  • Gavin Coleman 1 month ago

    Slyleigh McAnus
    Full of it ,talks out of it .
    Sly as they come .

  • Krishna Rao 1 month ago

    Kayleigh is trumps media scapegoat at this point

  • Chrissie K 1 month ago

    Of course her name is Kayleigh 😅😅😅 giiiiirl, ya making us, vintage millennials, look like a stereotype indeed 🙃

  • John Wang 1 month ago

    Hmmm, only one garage had a noose as a door pull rope and the one and only black driver gets assigned to it. Just because the noose was put there long before he was assigned to the garage doesn’t mean he wasn’t the target of a hate crime, just that he wasn’t the target when the noose was put there, how about when he was assigned to that garage… Seems to me that the FBI discounting it as a hate crime simply because the noose was there months ago is just another instance of systemic racism, they looked for a razor thin reason to discount it as a hate crime.

  • Chronic Crypto 1 month ago


  • Robert Schlesinger 1 month ago

    Kayleigh McEnany is a pathological liar and as such is the ideal Trump crony.
    MAGA – Moscow Agents Governing America.

  • vsa 1 month ago

    How was your time on Epstein’s island Colbert?

  • 9000ck 1 month ago

    The black guy should apologise for seeing a noose in his place of work and assuming that it was a threat? WTF? I want to see trump apologise for his entire presidency and all the crimes that preceded it.

  • randall2020 1 month ago

    McE-ninny aka Bild Lili.

  • Kali 1 month ago

    KayLies McInane-y

  • Martin McMartin 1 month ago

    The high queen of Karen’s worldwide.

  • Lonely Desert Boy 1 month ago

    She’s the best and all y’all haters can go suck one…. get ready for 4 more years. #maga2020 🇺🇸💯🔝

  • Tamala Rovaris 1 month ago

    DoubleThink blonde! Trump picks his press representatives by how delusional they are! I am coming to believe that the mental health facilities have a shortage of patients because they all work in the White House!

  • godisbollocks 1 month ago

    Another servile Trump lackey, this one even more sycophantic than the bulbous Huckabee-Sanders.

    Quite a tasty morsel, though. I’d donate some protein to her cause. Only the “back nine”, though. The encounter must be totally devoid of intimacy or romance.

  • Petyr Kowalski 1 month ago

    The only oath she took was to lie for the *President. Good job so far.

  • secularism is paganism 1 month ago

    This women does represent most of USA women she is a role model for them

  • Carlos Gaytan 1 month ago

    CONFEDERATED BARBIE KEYLIES McENEMA aka Trumptanic’s Nazi minister of Propaganda!!!

  • J M 1 month ago

    Are Disney making this? Why cartoon? Is it because you are like children 🤭

  • Brenda Lacey 1 month ago

    Is it me or is kayleigh’s face starting to droop like Huckabee’s did? Side effect of lying, half truths etc

  • Victor 1 month ago

    Why is this dumb blonde trying to protect an orange monkey…………..they are both the same breeds !!!!


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