A Message From Dogs: Enough With The Fireworks

Published on June 26, 2020

It turns out one of the traditions we humans love so much can be a terrifying nightmare for our four-legged friends. #StephenAtHome #Comedy #ColdOpen

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  • TWSTF 8 3 years ago

    Hahaha we have to build our cat his own little cubby-hole “safe space” with sheets and blankets and couch cushion lol and he doesn’t come out until morning. Poor guy.

  • Citizen Mafia 3 years ago

    Hahaha… Good ending

  • Bee Whistler 3 years ago

    My friend’s lil dog has been too scared to go outside. They had to drop him off with her dad in the country (and no, that wasn’t just what they told the kids, lol). I dunno if there’s some group that’s decided this is the way to drive the cops crazy but they should know the cops don’t care. We heard fireworks going off during our walk but there was a cop just chilling on the college campus in his car. Spare the lil dogs, please. The pigs don’t give a crap.

    But I don’t expect the people doing this to care, either. Most likely it’s some edgelords who really think they’ve come up with a brilliant prank. Yeah, very original, kid, no one has ever lit illegal fireworks, you clever lil scamp. I know you don’t care, but people who make loud noises just to piss off other people are just compensating for a very, very, tiny… self-esteem.

  • Ninja WithNoBalance 3 years ago

    Just use drones!! .. Ppl please check out drone light shows they are more petty then real fireworks.

  • SeMperfi Patriot 3 years ago

    theyre just patriotic says the actor living a real life groundhog day. ..or to camouflage gun fire..or just being total dicks who knows🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • High Heel Knight Reviews 3 years ago

    Someone has been popping fireworks in my neighborhood since early June. ARGH!! 😫

  • Airik Luna 3 years ago

    I love fireworks, they mask the sounds of gun shots in my neighborhood.

  • Fatty Acid 3 years ago

    What breed of dog is this? Anyone?

  • Orlando Vasquez 3 years ago

    And they wake us up in the middle of the night because the wind moved a leaf.

  • TheNitpickChick 3 years ago

    I have been curious about that. I’m surprised it’s apparently so wide-spread! I thought it was just jerks in our neighborhood.

    The last few weeks, it’s been like clockwork! Right around 2-3 am, fireworks start being set off! Nothing too crazy booming loud, but still loud enough to freak out my poor dog! She’s a nervous nelly at the best of times, and these fireworks have been a nightmare for her!

    When the fireworks start up she comes racing into my room and curls up to hide in the corner where I’ve set up a little blanket fort thing for her. I get up immediately, close my window to muffle the noise, and put on some soothing music for her, just loud enough to drown out the booms. It usually takes her at least a half an hour to calm down, and it breaks my heart to see her so scared!

    I just want to know why they’re happening! Are they a protest? Are they just very persistent, drunk guys? Are people just stir crazy from being in their house for so long? What is the reason?!

  • destiny 080716 3 years ago

    It’s the CIA

  • First Last 3 years ago

    Fireworks aye?
    This one it might be China 🤣

  • T Electronix 3 years ago

    Not every joke works.

  • Denzel Washington 3 years ago

    Not in Canada

  • TheDarkMessiah 3 years ago

    …I want poochhub to be a thing.

  • Joyce Pointe 3 years ago


  • Dori C 3 years ago

    There are even fireworks going off here in Southern CA. Like WTF guys? You know you’re playing in a tinder box, right? RIGHT???

  • Erik Gustafson 3 years ago

    Bravissimo, hip, hip, hooray, for this fireworks display! Shout-out to all the A Perfect Circle fans in the house.

  • Danny M 3 years ago

    This is really an issue?please worry about real problems.are fireworks not apart of anyone’s childhood?or are we all getting soft?all of you sound like seniors.s.t.f u.

  • Curious Uranus 3 years ago

    As the spokesman of Dinosaurs Against Christians, I would like to register my solidarity with mammal dogs and confirm we too hate terrifying sky fire.

  • Laura Kuhn 3 years ago

    Thank you Stephen Colbert.

  • melek twelve 3 years ago

    Luckily we haven’t experienced that here. But the dog is adorable. I have two. One loves fireworks, the other terrified by them. Màkes 7/4 interesting since I overlook Lake Union. Huge display on 7/4.

  • HappyStarrs 3 years ago

    Hilarious! 😂

  • L W 3 years ago

    Don’t understand how folks are allowed to set up fireworks sales in empty parking lots when they are illegal in my state. Cops must be looking the other way.
    I guess they need to have BLM signs instead of Fireworks signs to get their attention.

  • Elle H 3 years ago

    Seriously can someone explain it ? Cause im completely lost on this one.

  • Ani Merci 3 years ago

    Why are fireworks even legal? So stressful to companion animals and wildlife. And to humans! What happened to quiet summer nights? #FuckFireworks

  • DemonWarp65 3 years ago

    OMG, I lost it at PoochHub

  • JPBTV A 3 years ago

    I don’t know how my dog would react to fireworks, but here’s a few things I do know:
    -She isn’t scared of the vacuum cleaner, but she doesn’t like it either. She thinks it is more of a combative rival than a monster, but there are times she just ignores it.
    -my dog is afraid of thunder, but definitely not that much as other dogs. She doesn’t have a terrified fit, thrash around, cry squeal, and hide under the bed, she just flinches, and gingerly trots over to the dining room table, which she promptly lies under, with a nervous and melancholy look on her face.
    – my dog has mixed opinions on different small animals in the woods. If a chipmunk or squirrel scurries across the ground 20 feet or so from the trail, she strains on the leash, pulls the person walking her that way, and barks, whereas if a garter snake crossed the trail five feet in front of her she’d either act like nothing was happening, or confusedly trace the reptile’s movement with her eyes until it is gone. I also have a pet lizard named Kim who lives in a terrarium on a table in my bedroom. My dog spends most of the night in my bedroom with me, sometimes on the floor, and sometimes curled up near my legs, and she never seems to sense the presence of her “cold-blooded stepsister” in the room where she sleeps.
    -my dog goes nuts when it comes to cars. Except she isn’t afraid of them, but just the opposite. She loves to ride in the car so much, that she’d get into basically any car if she wasn’t attached to her leash and the door was open long enough (seriously, I’ve seen her do it twice! The first time was when she got into the minivan owned by my friend Faith’s mom, and from the noises that came out of the vehicle a half-second after she embarked it, she was both terrorizing AND putting on a comedy show for Faith’s three younger siblings simultaneously, the second she was actually supposed to get in the vehicle, but she did it a little to eagerly, because the vehicle happened to be owned by our house-cleaner’s sister, Maria, who was going to take car with of her while me and my parents were on a one-day beach-trip. She leaped in the open door, (not-to-mention sat right in the front seat) WAY before we intended her to, but it all worked out.). I could even see her jumping into an SUV filled with heavily-armed Iranian terrorists if she had the chances!
    -my dog is mortally horrified by the life-size elephant sculpture (“Jumbo”) on the Tufts’ University campus, and I have no idea why.
    -my dog is not afraid being in water, although swimming doesn’t appeal to her. If you take a hike next to a lake on a hot day, she will likely leap in to it, and lie on her stomach, with her head and back sticking out above the surface, if you let her.
    -my dog has a psychotic hunger for murdering any small, flying insect she can detect, which is why almost all the bumblebees in the neighborhood probably have PTSD by now.

    My dog is a large, bronze-colored Labrador mix named Bree, by the way.

  • Lisa Burton 3 years ago

    My dog goes into a Great Depression during the month of July.

  • Amanda Saint 3 years ago

    Psychological warfare

  • Lori Yost 3 years ago

    New movement: I’m with the Pup- just say no to sky fire. Our therapy pets will need therapy. If I had a pet, he would be more worried about my weight gain and the chance of my sitting on him by accident.

  • Copernico Felinis 3 years ago

    Oh, yeah? Well, you stop barking when I need to sleep, then we’ll talk about the fireworks!!!

  • Warren Smith 3 years ago

    It is interesting that most conspiracy theorists have not yet taken note of the fact that most fireworks are made in China and they would also be an ideal means of spreading disease. My guess is that they like things that go bang so much that they have decided that it is worth the risk.

  • H 3 years ago

    Cause nothing celebrates our troops like loud noises triggering ptsd

  • Marvel Antonio 3 years ago

    I’m all for changing the name fireworks to Terrifying Sky Fire!

  • Kyle R 3 years ago

    It’s the cops trying to make us want them.

  • Five 3 years ago

    Someone tell steven that the fireworks are being set off by cops in order to antagonize black neighborhoods.

  • Chris Spiers 3 years ago

    Our sweet chihuahua gets scared and hides every time she hears fireworks. 😢😢😢

  • imnotmike 3 years ago

    Huh. This is the first I’ve heard of it. I haven’t seen any fireworks at all where I live. They legalized all that stuff here a few years ago, so it’s probably lost its appeal.

  • Baraka Ali 3 years ago



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